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    Criterion Blu-ray titles!

    I'll be overjoyed if the Rosemary's Baby guess pans out. Hopefully it won't be another monumental disappointment ala that Thief rumor.
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    Pre-90s catalog on Blu - A comprehensive list

    Nice! LW&C is a pulp masterpiece I was worried it would be a long wait since they opted to release the dumbed up dubbed versions first
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    AVENGERS Movie Thread

    I've seen a half dozen trailers for this and I still can't figure out who/what it is the Avengers are battling aside from Loki.
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    Total Recall 2012

    When I first heard they were remaking this I had a little hope that they would go back to the source material and show me something I haven't seen before from the PK Dick universe. Nope from the trailer it looks like a pointless shot for shot remake of the 1990 film I'll save...
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    Warner Brothers Home Entertainment Acquires Rights To 70 Films From The Samuel Goldwyn Library

    More fodder for the Archive dumping grounds more than likely. Pity
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    Garden Of Evil - April 24, France

    Very interested to see how these turn out. I'm on the verge of going region free with blu-ray so region coding wont make a difference to me very shortly. hoo-rah!
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    WHV Announcement: 9 Chilling Thrillers on Blu-ray 7/17/12

    Holy crap.....Warner needs a new Marketing Dept MEAN STREETS!? Scorsese! DeNiro! Keitel! on Blu-ray! and the announcement is lumped in with this riff-raff?
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    Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment will release more than 30 catalog titles on Blu-ray Disc in 2

    Happy to see Ed Wood, Grosse Pointe Blank and High Fidelity on that list. I'll probably also pick up Arachnaphobia. Very disappointed that 20,000 Leagues, Open Range and The 13th Warrior didn't make the cut this year. Looks like I might as well pull the trigger on the French import...
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    A Few Words About A few words about...™ The Town -- in Blu-ray

    I have a standing "No Box-O-Junk" policy so I guess that only leaves that swag-less Best Buy version which is still a bit pricy.
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    The Spaghetti Western

    Excellent news about Brute and the Beast (a.k.a.) Massacre Time which is a very good spaghetti western directed by later day gore-master Lucio Fulci. I'll be picking this one up for sure.
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    Blu-ray Wish List, Year by Year

    1959 Favorite releases: Wish List:
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    Blu-ray Wish List, Year by Year

    1958 Favorite Blu-ray releases: Wish List:
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    Blu-ray Wish List, Year by Year

    Hopefully we'll get a Universal Hitchcock Collection sooner rather than later. Probably later after they milk us with the single releases. 1957 Favorite Blu-ray releases: I really love these 20 Million Miles to Earth...
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    Blu-Ray boosts home entertainment. Are you buying Blu-Ray's or renting?

    Both - I can't imagine just doing one or the other exclusively The vast majority of what I do buy are catalog titles. The vast majority of "New" releases are rentals. I'd say about 90% of the new releases I've seen the past year are titles I have no desire to see again, let alone own...
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    Blu-ray Wish List, Year by Year

    1956 Favorite Blu-ray releases: Wish List: