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    The BIg House-Is anyone else having problems with this DVD

    Thanks for your reply Jo. With regard to the Bobby Jones set of shorts, did you buy it the on the day it came out the first time or on the first day the corrected DVD was re-issued? if I recall the date accurately it was first issued back around early summer of 2012, and I ordered it right...
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    The BIg House-Is anyone else having problems with this DVD

    I just received my copy of the revised newly issued triple feature version of The Big House which I purchased from Warner Archives. The quality of the print is vastly improved from the version I purchased 5 years ago. The Big House is one of the great early talkies! Unfortunately, near the end...
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    Warner to Distribute Goldwyn Library on DVD

    Wow! This list contains 15 films starring Ronald Colman, perhaps the most under-represented of the major golden age stars on DVD. Only two of the Colman films on the list have been previously released (e.g. Arrowsmith and the Winning of Barbara Worth). Included are 3 films for which he was...
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    MONTE WALSH (1970)?

    Great News!  
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    MONTE WALSH (1970)?

    Now after reading Beth's post I see that it may be a false alarm. I hope whoever owns the rights to the classic Monte Walsh will release it soon. It's one of the best films of its era still MIA on DVD
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    MONTE WALSH (1970)?

    Great news. Monte Walsh is one of the better films of its era, and along with Point Blank and Emperor of the North represents Lee Marvin's best work in a leading actor role.
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    WHV Press Release: The Film Noir Classic Collection Volume 5

    Ken: I'm experiencing a similar problem to what the others are reporting. The distortion in sound starts immediately and is present throughout except in those fews moments where the film is silent or where the dialogue is in subdued voices, I find it incredibly distracting and it makes the...
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    Hasn't Edison the Man already been released through the Archives? The omission of Northwest Passage on DVD to date is very surprising. It is probably the top old time classic film in Warner's library that hasn't yet made it to DVD. It was one of MGM's all time moneymaking hits when it was...
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    Any news about Cary Grant: The Early Years?

    They're pressed discs. All three of the films looked good to me. Excellent job done by Univeral on this set. I hope it will inspire them to do a similar early Gary Cooper set with "The Virginian", "The Spoilers" and perhaps "Souls at Sea", though that is a little later in the 30's.
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    Wagon Master in September

    Simon: According to the chart you posted I think the term "releases are down dramatically" best applies to Fox. They've gone from 21 releases to 3. That's a reduction of over 80%. Warner's has gone from 44 to 30 which is around 30% which seems like a modest reduction compared to Fox. Plus...
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    "The Hanging Tree" when?

    My recollection is that the reason given was that Waners only owns a part interest in the film and Cooper's estate owns a part interest. It is claimed that the film needs extensive restoration work. One might surmize that Warners might feel it would be a poor financial decision to incur the...
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    Great news. This has the potential of being the outstanding set of the year.
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    How The West Was Won, Errol Flynn, Warner Westerns - 26/08/08

    I too am puzzled as to why they didn't include Silver River. When I first heard they were releasing an Errol Flynn western set I even thought they might do all six of the offically unreleased Flynn westerns including both Silver River and Santa Fe Trail which has been in PD hell for a long time...
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    The Law And Jake Wade (1958; Sturges)

    Marco: That's a great suggestion. Another great John Sturges western "Escape From Fort Bravo" is also long overdue for a DVD release. However, the impression that many of us have is that the "powers that be" at Warners apparently don't have much regard for either the westerrn film genre or...
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    Charles: I think you meant to say that Kino brough Night Train out on VHS. I've seen Night Train play on the Fox Movie Channel, so my hunch is that Fox controls the rights. Fox has a lot of excellent espionage/thriller movies which have never been released on DVD, including Man Hunt, Lancer...