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    ICECUBE cryo'd IEC adapter

    Don't forget to sprinkle some magic pixie dust over it :)
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    HD receiver, which one?

    Samsung HDTV receiver is $289 at Sam's.
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    Vibration/boomy bass and assorted uses for old mouse pads

    Hey! I put rubber feet on the bottom of a flower arrangement we got for our glossy dining room table to keep it from scratching the table. Do you guy's think these feet might actually make the flowers look better too?! Woohoo! I've got to let the ladies down at Michael's know about this tweak!
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    Cheap HDTV receivers

    Don't know if this has been mentioned, but my local Sam's has the Samsung HDTV receiver for $289. Seems pretty cheap to me :)
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    Vibration/boomy bass and assorted uses for old mouse pads

    In broken English, you said...
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    AR Performance Series vs Monster Component Cables

    BuffaloCables are WAY better than RhinoCables! Stay away from CheetahCables though. They made all my music play too fast :frowning: You could look at BestCables too, but they aren't as good as BetterCables, which are...um...better. I've listened to WorseCables, which are decent, but there is...
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    FS: Panasonic AE100 16:9 LCD Projector

    Eujin, you may want to check out the price of a "new" AE200 at www.projectorpeople.com.
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    *** Official "THE HULK" Discussion Thread

    It's hard to describe, but I'll try based on my poor memory - the music had a drum beat that was sort of quasi-military marching band quality to it. Like that leading up to the National Anthem as the President arrived at the football stadium in Sum of All Fears. It has an effect that lends...