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    Blu-ray Review International A Few Words About A few words about…™ Moulin Rouge (1952) – in Blu-ray

    Dear Capt Cheese Pro; many thanks for your guidance. I had been hesitant to order, ince the Amazon description accompanying this box cover was confusing. Now, I'm impatient for it to arrive.
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    Blu-ray Review International A Few Words About A few words about…™ Moulin Rouge (1952) – in Blu-ray

    But where can I buy it? Every listing at Amazon shows its cover, but describes it as a 1926 silent version.
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    What Forgotten Films do you want on Blu ray or 4K?

    Slave of Love; Lovers of Teruel; Los Tarantos; Borsalino. Heads up, Captain Cheese Pro; There's a Blu-ray release of The Legend of 1900 easily available at Amazon.
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    Blu-ray Review Blue Skies Blu-ray Review

    There's another reason for hesitating to purchase. I can't believe Matt didn't mention this in his review. It drives me nuts. The Kino reissue doesn't have an Index, there isn't a Chapter menu, and, indeed, the 20 chapters, with individual chapters for each number, found on the Universal DVD...
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    International IS PARIS BURNING

    This is good news to me; I'm a Belmondo and Delain fan. Yet I'll wait for a domestic release price. On the subject of those two guys, does anyone think there'll ever be a Blu of Borsalino? It's at the top of my much-desired list, along with Los Torantos.
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    Press Release Warner Archive Press Release: Take Me Out To The Ball Game (1949) (Blu-ray)

    It doesn't matter in which dramatic context "Boys and Girls Like you and Me" was tried. I agree with Nick*Z--it's a weak song. I cannot fathom why Rodgers and Hammerstein kept plugging for its use. It's just a boring song.
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    Blu-ray Review Damn Yankees Blu-ray Review

    I had no idea such vagaries existed at Amazon. I ordered "Damn Yankees" on March 13, and received it three days later. Sorry so many people had/are having delays. Perhaps you'll appreciate it all the more when you finally get it.
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    The Disc Collection of Mike Frezon

    Ripping discs? I learned the hard way. If it's a CD that's important to you, save it after ripping. Put it in dead storage, perhaps. But anything computer dependent is liable to crash, melt down, malfunction, etc. And then you'll be so glad to have the CD.
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    Blu-ray Review The Jazz Singer (1927) Blu-ray Review

    Can anyone confirm whether the Vitaphone shorts on disc 3 have or have not been upgraded to Blu-ray?
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    1930s: What Titles Did You Vote For?

    It's disappointing that two of Shirley Temple's dullest movies are being considered for Blu-ray. A lesson in How Not to Sell Product. Why not Captain January, Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm, or even Stand Up and Cheer--all would be preferable to the clinkers being nominated.