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    Good tracks for checking soundstage and imaging

    Cantus: Let Your Voices Be Heard, tracks Shenandoah, Rainbow 'Round My Shoulder RCA Living Stereo Hybrid SACD Stokowski, Rhapsodies, Hungarian Rhapsody No. 2 SF Symphony: Mahler Symphony No.1 Hybrid SACD, Movement No. 4: Sturmisch Bewegt
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    What's the last TV DVD/Blu-ray you bought?

    Smallville Seasons 2-5 $15.99 at Best Buy and Costco.
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    Stereo Receiver for Movies?

    I'm surprised nobody has yet suggested getting a stereo preamp and stereo amp. Later on when you want to add multi-channel, get a receiver with preouts and run the L/R preouts through the stereo preamp. You'll have to set the stereo preamp's volume to a certain setting called unity gain(usually...
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    Need Small 2 channel 100w amp

    How about IRD MB-100's for about $538/pr. These were also known as the nOrh Le Amps. These ship from Charlotte, NC by the way even though the company is based in Thailand.
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    American Idol - Season 3

    Is it just me or is anyone else getting tired of Matt's "I'm scared of Simon" routine? Everytime they interview him it's the same thing over and over.
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    New stereo system

    I would second Mike Knapp's suggestion of getting a vintage receiver. I recently got a Pioneer SX-750 for $50 and it sounds great. Plus with a vintage Pioneer or Marantz you'll get a pretty good tuner. Most will have between 40-80 watts but you'll find that this will be enough for your...
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    affordable bookeshelf for tube newbie

    For speakers you could try Omega Loudspeakers. The Super 3R's is within your budget. They are single driver crossoverless loudspeakers that are efficient enough for low powered tube amps. I have the TS1R's matched with an Antique Sound Labs Orchid integrated SET amp and it sounds sweet!
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    How long should a "budget" receiver last me?

    I've got a Sony STR-AV57 in the garage powering some Minimus-7's that is now about 14 years old. For my current HT I'm using a Yamaha HTR-5250 that's 3 years old. As long as you're satisfied with what you get and also get a deal on it, I think you'll be able to fight the urge to upgrade.
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    PSB Image speakers

    I have the Image 5T and 9C and love the sound from they make. Don't regret the purchase. The 5T's are an Editors Buy from The Absolute Sound if that makes any difference.
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    DVD's obsolete in 5-10 years?

    In 5 years time HD-DVD should be here and unless they're looking to send that down, why would anyone want to watch some crappy download. Besides, the cable companies are having trouble sending any more than the few HD signals that are available now, are you telling me in 5 years they'll be able...
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    Reasonable dream 2 Channel System?

    For 15K mine would be $3495 Blue Circle Audio BC3 Despina MKII $2150 Blue Circle BC22 MKII Stereo Amplifier $825 Wright-Sound WPP100C Phono Preamp $799 VPI JMW-9 Series Tonearm $525 Dynavector 20X $1400 VPI Scout Turntable $2000 Shanling CD T-100 CD Player $3495 Vandersteen 3A Signature
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    Wow, I've Discovered Stereo

    Steve, I'm not sure how to help you out as far as your current setup since I'm a vinyl newbie but here are some links that helped me in my turntable search: Vinyl Asylum(also check out the FAQ at the top of the page) Soundstage Vinyl Ecoustics Phono Reviews Vinyl Anarchronist Van...