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    I'm trying not to purchase anymore movies on Blu-ray BUT....

    I prefer the actual media as oppose to streaming for those movies I desire. I use Netflix, VUDU etc., but I think that having the disc produces a better picture and sound as said in a post previously. I think you still don't get the absolute best picture through streaming and as for sound...
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    Jonny Quest coming to Blu from WAC

    Count me in on this one, definitely a blind buy!!! Oh man, I grew up on this one along with Herculoids, Space Ghost..., etc. Boomerang built it's fame on showing the classic cartoons like Johnny Quest and I would love to own them all.
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    Thoughts on Spiderman Homecoming

    I did not realize I stepped in an area I was not suppose too!!! Been a member for years, but I have to admit, I have not kept up with the changes. I will check to ensure that I do not violate any HTF rules when posting. :D
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    Thoughts on Spiderman Homecoming

    I really enjoyed the movie, so of course it was on my to get list when released on Blu-ray. I popped the bad boy into the player and low and behold, DTS Master 5.1!!! Am I missing something here!?! I think all the Marvel releases on Blu-Ray was 7.1 and this movie comes in as a 5.1 format...
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    Blu-ray Review Girls Trip Blu-ray Review

    I take this movie as a good time movie. Some great laughs, nothing to really think about, just some good raunchy fun.
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    Polk psw 108

    Did you get it? I have two of these and they really do rock. I had one at first and it did a decent job for the room, but I really wanted a second one for esthetics and the volume increased since w have the two subs now. Wall light fixture shaking. I plan to get an isolator for both to...
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    Question about Polk Audio PSW125

    I happen to like my PSW 108s, and I have two of them. The choice was mostly cost based, but depending on your budget, you do have many choices. I think SVS has a sub in around 400.00. It does depend on your budget. I have a 7.2 set up with Pioneer floor standing speakers, bookshelf speakers...
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    HDMI ARC connected needed for sound system to TV

    First, welcome to The Forum, and I am surprised that there are no responses yet. You need a receiver that does ARC to connect to the ARC (Audio Return Content) HDMI on the t.v. and it should work fine. I do not know what your budget is but the Yamaha RX-V377 is a 5.1 receiver that has an ARC...
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    Sony's 7.1.2 Dolby® Atmos Soundbar

    Soundbars work for those who haven't a care as to sound. Take my wife, i.e., she is looking for a sound bar for the bedroom for esthetics. Now in that case there are walls on each side to help create the "phantom" surround and will bounce off the ceiling and it would not be all to terrible -...
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    Subwoofer Power Question

    I think your choice in the SVS PB-1000 is not just a replacement but improvement. Plenty of power, plenty low end bass. I am not sure of the size of the room, but if your old sub filled the room and shook a few things, then imagine this sub shaking everything. I do not have a pair, but I have...
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    Best setup for speakers?

    Welcome to the forum. I looked at your speakers and those bad boys are vintage. How do they sound for your home theater? The receiver will definitely do the job, but the speakers I am not sure how the imaging is. If you are okay with the set up, then more power to you since it is all...
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    Help Me Choose a 7.1 (or 5.1) System Please

    A really good 5.1 system will trump a midway 7.1 system any day. Since you do not have the receiver yet, it will be a little tough for you to obtain a good complete system without increasing your budget to possibly 800.00 or you can find quality used material via Craig's list or eBay. If you...
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    Blu-ray Review Independence Day: 20th Anniversary Edition Blu-ray Review

    Thanks for sharing RickardL, it is interesting to see the differences. The colors in the 20th Anniversary addition may be a little washed out, but the detail is definitely more profound than the earlier blu-ray release, yet hard to get over the whitewashing of the color.
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    YouTube and PCM multi channel

    Hello HT fans, I am not sure if this has been discussed already, but last night I just noticed for the first time that while playing YouTube on my Sony BDP7200 player that all 7 channels were displayed on the receiver. I thought at first it was a receiver error, so I tried doing YouTube through...
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    Klipsch RP-250S speaker mounts

    I'm not sure if you got your answer on your own, but a standard 1/4 screw will fit in the keyhole and hold the speakers well. It would be great to find a stud to place the screw but not necessary. You can get the same size screw in a good drywall anchor for the desired results. I think those...