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    what to replace CD changer with?

    I have an older Pioneer 100 disc changer, but its starting to wear out. Rather than just replace it I was wondering about storing my music electronically and having it sent to the amp. My first choice would be if somebody invented a CD player with a hard drive that could simply store all my CDs...
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    second hand book shops in London

    I heading to London, England, next spring and am hoping to hit some second hand book shops while there. I'm primarily interested in Folio Society books and was wondering is anybody here could recommend some stores or point me in the right direction to finding them. jeremy
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    best way to demolish chimney

    I need to remove a brick chimney from a 1936 house that goes from the basement to the roof. Has anybody done this before? What's the best way to preceed? For the portion above the roof and in the attic I was simply going to break them loose and throw them into the chiney, periodically...
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    well bound books

    As of late I have been reading the great works of literature and stumbled across the books of Easton Press. They are beautiful, well made books which I would love to add to my library, but they are extremely expensive. Are there any other publishers making nicely bound editions of classics that...
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    The most profound statement about drinking ever

    It was already done, two or three years ago. I saw on in the odd news at Yahoo; the headline was They Needed A Study For This? They showed that intoxication affects the part of the brain that relates to facial recognition and the number they gave for improvement in perceived attractiveness was...
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    What is your favorite WWII Fighter Plane and Bomber?

    Douglas Bader lost both legs in a 1931 plane crash and was forced to retire from the RAF on a disability pension, even though he could still fly with his artificial legs. He re-enlisted when war broke out and began flying Hurricanes and Spitfires. He made several kills before and during the...
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    LCD television reviews

    I'm looking to buy a 26/27 inch LCD television set but I'm having trouble finding reviews on current models. I'm a member of the Consumer Reports web site, but they have out of date review. Where can I get a review of what's in store now? jeremy
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    what to do in Portland?

    I just got back from Portland and I'd like to thank everybody for helping with the suggestions. We didn't have very much time there but Powell's was incredible, even though I only had three hours there and the Kennedy School was an excellent find. There was no line, little noise and the meal was...
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    what to do in Portland?

    Would any of you know of a store that sells vintage watches? Nothing fancy or rare, hopefully under $300. jeremy
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    what to do in Portland?

    It is indeed Portland, Oregon and I have updated my profile to reflect my move to B.C. We are definitely going to go to Powell's. We're definitely going to do some shopping because we're going to specialty stores that sell things we're specifically interested in (Rejeuvination Lighting...
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    what to do in Portland?

    I'm going to Portland for the weekend and was wondering what to do? I've already got some stores picked out, like Rejeuvination Lighting, Williams Sonoma, Paradise Pen, etc. but was wondering if there are any interesting and unique places to go or things to do that I may not know about. jeremy
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    Carpet dyeing: scam?

    Only natural fibers can be dyed as synthetics will not absorb any dye. So unless you have wool carpet, it is a scam. Or at least a really bad idea. jeremy
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    Was Pearl Harbor really a surprise?

    I agree that before the war the old brass failed to realize that air power was the new power at sea. While the Commonwealth nations treated the air force as a third and equal branch of the military, it wasn't until the late forties that the Amercicans did. In Jimmy Doolittle's excellent book...
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    Woman gains TWO pounds, files lawsuit!!

    That is correct, although I have a legitimate case. I am going after General Mills. Although I find Lucky Charms to be delicious, I find nothing magical about that deliciousness. jeremy
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    Is it easy to do a tune-up on an original SNES console?

    I've repaired a couple of blue screen NES consoles, but thats not quite the same. If your SNES is working (mine are) then there is no need to do anything. If the contacts aren't connecting well they're probably just dirty and most game shops sell a kit for cleaning them. I think its just a mild...