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    TV Guide Acquires

    Along similar lines, my concern is that a year from now we may be battling a sea of endless pop-ups only then to have to weed through celebrity fashion tips, recipes, lovemaking secrets, etc. just to get to the info we seek.
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    TV Guide Acquires

    I'll add my congratualtions and I'm sure the offer was too tempting to resist, but I'm not very confident that the integrity of the site will remain given TV Guide's corporate track record.
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    Universal/NBC has a lousy infrastructure

    This is the most important point. My argument with the younger crowd is that they tend to make definitive statements about the current crop of shows being "classics" or "the greatest" without ever having seen 90% of what broadcasting has had to offer. There's simply just not enough frame of...
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    Universal/NBC has a lousy infrastructure

    And Universal were leaders in the "creative accounting" department....just ask James Garner.
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    The Golden Girls - Season 7: faulty episode discovered by fans

    Total amateur hour. As much as these studios loathe the concept, consultation with a knowledgeable fan/reviewer at the quality control stage might help to avoid the raft of problems many of these studios encounter. It's clear that the internal "experts" miss some of the most obvious issues.
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    CHiPs Season 1 coming to DVD in May!!!!

    Others have included: Gunsmoke = Marshal Dillon Dragnet = Badge 714 Hawaii Five-0 = McGarrett
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    Paul Browstein on Internet Radio tomorrow

    I picked up about 30 episodes of the show when it made the rounds on various small cable networks (AIN, WHT) in the late 90's. They were supplied by Pacific Family Entertainment (low-end 16mm transfers to 3/4" tape). I'm not sure what the copyright status was of these episodes, but I have a...
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    Gimme A Break....

    Yes, the audio has been overly compressed on those episodes. Also: 3 consecutives episodes (starting with "Julie Smokes") have sound levels which are noticeably lower than the other episodes on the disc.
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    Gimme A Break....

    I was just checking the Season 2 Canadian release of Gimme A Break and was a little disappointed. While it's great to see the show released, VEI dropped the ball in a few areas: 1. No episode synopsis (as they had on season 1) 2. No time display during episode playback 3. All 3 discs...
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    The Man From UNCLE??

    Warner Bros. was so busy making sure that they didn't miss the window of opportunity to release 7 seasons of The Dukes Of Hazzard that the window for their 50's classics sailed right past them.
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    True Mini Series and Novels for Television

    I found that the R2 RMPM (Book 1) transfers were fairly clean. I was just thinking about some of the other Universal miniseries that were being ground out during that period: Rich Man, Poor Man (Book II) (although not technically a miniseries) Centennial Black Beauty Loose Change Once An...
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    True Mini Series and Novels for Television

    The main problem with the release of the miniseries from this era is that the majority of them were produced by Universal, who have proven that they are fairly clueless about exploiting their back libraries. The fact that Universal has finally agreed to license material at least leaves some hope...
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    Rumor Mill - Quinn Martin's Tales of the Unexpected being evaluated for release

    Michael is actually referring to a long-forgotten 1977 series on NBC, not to be confused with "Roald Dahl's Tales Of The Unexpected" which is the 100+ episode series listed on
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    My Three Sons?

    Other than a few "Best Of Bandstand" compliations, Clark did nothing with his media archives in the home video world. His main concentration was clip licensing. To my knowledge, Clark sold off his media archives some years ago. The "Reunion With The Partridge Family And My Three Sons" was...
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    Classic TV shows fans...check this out!

    I agree, and it's ironic that we currently live in a "TV Universe". Not to mention that many of the above-listed shows had at least 26 episodes per season, without the heavy repeat cycle seen these days. It was back in the days when the networks still actually programmed Saturday night instead...