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    Static touch killed computer, which component?

    I agree with Jordan_Brulotte's advice. I've never seen a fried CPU (atleast not one that could have fried the way you described). Follow his advice to eliminate your boards as the source of the problem. If things trace back to the motherboard or RAM, get some RAM testing software which usually...
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    The Amazing Race 6

    "A lot of people use "abuse" to mean "physically abuse", and we've not yet seen him do that, or any signs of injury on her part. The closest we've seen is Tuesday's shove, arguably at the bags she was carrying. That said, he certainly does verbally berate her, but it's a leap to say with any...
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    The Amazing Race 6

    I can appreciate what Gus did with the brew. He was obviously tired from running all those steins all over the place and it's hard to see others just sitting there enjoying while you're working so hard. I thought it was kind of funny and don't think any less of him because of it. Phil should...
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    The Amazing Race 6

    Yeah, Did you guys notice how truely abusive he was??? He pushed her when they were getting directions... He lowered the hatchback onto her head... and when they were fighting and he made a sudden movement with his arm, she pulled back as though she was expecting to be hit.
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    Weekly RoundUp 11/23/04

    Thanks Mike!!! For those of you who have a CompUSA nearby, they are advertising the Seinfeld boxed set for 69.99 in their weekly flyer. Might be a good thing to do a price-match at Circuit City with this ad. Jeff
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    Universal's 2 Free DVD Offer - Who is Still Waiting?

    WillG, I sent in my check on 1-31-03. I got my DVD's about two or three weeks ago. My check was cleared about three weeks before I recieved the shippment. Hope that's helpful, Jeff
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    American Idol - Season 2

    I also feel that this last show was unfair in some respects. I do think that they should have been singing the same songs. I may be wrong but isn't that what they did last time around? Also, that last number with the chorous. I feel that it enhanced Ruben's performance but I think that since...
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    American Idol - Season 2

    Here's my take on their talent: Ruben is generic in his singing. With the right material he certainly does as good a job as Justin from last season. As a performer, he's pretty good since you can really see he enjoys singing. Clay has an exceptionally strong voice. To my ear, he is almost...
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    American Idol - Season 2

    It took about 35 to 40 minutes but I was able to vote for Clay 10 times. This is the first time I voted this season even though I've watched every episode. I did the same thing last time, only voting when it got down to the nitty gritty.
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    Motorized blinds

    I used Hunter-Douglas PowerRise Opaque blinds in my basement hometheater to cover a window and a french door for daytime viewing. I had to build a custom-made channel on either side of each blind to blockout every last bit of light. In the end, it worked out very well and I'm really pleased with...
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    Fantastic Columbia House deal from "Deals Page"

    My credit card just got charged from a second DVD account I set up over the phone using the cycd code a week ago last Sunday. I set up this account when the code stopped working on the website.
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    Fantastic Columbia House deal from "Deals Page"

    John, When I created an account by phone last Sunday, I asked the rep if I'd receive an e-mail confirmation and she said no. She also said the DVDs would take 6-8 weeks to arrive, but I don't think that's an acurate estimate. (Atleast I hope it isn't.) Jeff
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    Fantastic Columbia House deal from "Deals Page"

    Taking some advice from DVDTalk, I called Columbia House and setup a second DVD account without any problem using the same code. I guess this confirms that this is a valid offer. I was told that there is no problem having more than one account. Jeff
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    Weekly Roundup 12/3

    I believe that Best Buy is also having a Preferred Customer coupon deal this coming weekend. So that's another 10% off their prices. I wonder if they will take that 10% off after price matching other prices?
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    Just joined the Anthem AVM20 list of owners.... yahoo!!

    Mike, Welcome to the club! Jeff