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    UHD Review Terminator 2: Judgement Day UHD Review

    I first got T2 on laserdisc before I even had a LD player. (Roger Ebert was responsible for that). I then had at least two T2 DVD's. But I stopped there. I will never buy this movie again until video gets 5/5. I can't believe they released a sub-par UHD of this. As for the other Terminator...
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    AVENGERS Movie Thread

    Avengers aside (since I haven't seen it), they would have to pay me to see those movies...Ok Iron Man 1 was ok.
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    House season 7

    Yes this was the darkest episode since S3...The best season, IMO. For an episode like this, I wish there was some advancement, but in the end everything was the same. This would have been the perfect exit for Masters. I was very disappointed when she started putting her stuff back in the...
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    Worst tv shows of all time list! Work-in-progress! Due 2011!

    Just about any show on TV today could make it on that list.
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    House season 7

    Funny, I thought the opposite...He seemed more like early seasons House in this episode. We haven't seen the douchebag House since parts of S5. In S6 he was completely lifeless and sanitized. So far he hasn't treated Cuddy any better either, and I don't know why she puts up with his antics.
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    House M. D. - Season 6

    A great episode...UNTIL the last 2 minutes. David Shore has lost all my respect and S6 is a complete write off to me. I enjoyed maybe three episodes. I'm not dead set against them having a relationship (even though it will kill the show) but how it just suddenly happened out of thin air...
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    House M. D. - Season 6

    I don't find her the least but attractive. Too skinny and I don't like her overly limp/flat hair. Hey just my opinion. Jennifer Morrison is much cuter...Well before she hollywoodized herself with the new hairdo.
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    House M. D. - Season 6

    Wow, what a snooze fest. If this was the first episode of House I ever saw, it would be the last. It's hard to believe this is the same show where House stuck a knife in a socket to see if there was an after life. If I didn't know any better, I'd say the folks at Fox have asked the producers...
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    *** Official AVATAR Review Thread with a few thoughts from Ron Epstein

    Ever hear the phrase, "You can't polish a turd?”. Well I think James Cameron is the first person ever to successfully do this, with this 3D process. Ordinarily I wouldn't have gone to see this movie, as the previews didn't interest me, but the hype and 3D pushed me over the edge. As I watched...
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    FS: Disney Monsters Inc & UP Steelbooks

    Hi! I have Monsters Inc & UP Disney 'Futureshop Exclusive' Blu-ray Steelbooks for sale. Both are new and sealed with no marks that I can see, through the shrink wrap. These are the thicker steelbook cases so shipping is a bit more than usual. I'm asking $45 each plus $10 shipping to the US...
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    New Blu-Ray player

    There's another issue besides *possible* support problems, and that is the lights on the player are way too bright and they can't be dimmed or turned off. That goes for the front display too. If the player is in a rack in front of you, I assure anyone that it will drive them crazy after awhile.
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    Cheers Season 9 already released

    Well it seemed more plausible then the show erasing a major story line. Anyway, thanks.
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    Cheers Season 9 already released

    Ok, I know S9 is long since released but I'm just watching this now and I'm wondering if there is a missing episode or something...In the last episode of the season, Rebecca is complaining about her crummy job at Cheers and is looking for work, but around 5 episodes prior, she buys half the bar...
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    Fox dumping Sat. Morning Cartoons for Ads

    Sleep in!
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    The Mentalist - season 1

    Man this show is awful. I watched 20 minutes and that was enough, there's just nothing redeeming about it. I don't know what's worse Baker's constant grin or his know-it-all psycho analyzing. The supporting players are just as bad. Typical network crap.