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    Is the b&w era of TV on DVD slowly coming to an end?

    Gary, Adding my to your many valued contributions here over the years. Grade You've steered me into smooth seas with recommendations of many B/W TV-DVD sets over the years. To honor your crystal ball retirement I picked a still from one of my all-time favorite movies. I'm sure many...
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    What Are Your Top 15 Of The Last 15?

    This is all of my TV/DVD sets that originally aired from 2000 to present. The top 5 are the ones that stand out a lot for me, particularly my #1 show in this list. It's one of the best surprises that I've seen on TV. Smallville has an asterisk since my favorite seasons in the show were 1-5...
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    POLL: Complete Original Broadcast Presentation: YES? NO?

    Option 1 if it's not forcing ads inbedded into the episodes. Otherwise, Option 2. NOB commercials are good for historical and nostalgia purposes but one of my biggest attractions to the TV/DVD hobby is the ability to purchase and view episodes without commercials. I do like to see the...
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    Name The Hardest Working Character In Television History

    "Chip" didn't jog the memory right away since it's always been "Sarge" in that series and they didn't mention the first name that often in the show. We never used that name in the field behind our house (long long ago :)) when we were playing "Combat" with the neighborhood gang. Flashgear...
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    Name The Hardest Working Character In Television History

    "Jonathan Kent" in "Smallville" S1-5 comes to mind. - Ran the farm - Dealt with Lex - Guided Clark through adolescent superpower use - Dealt with the secrecy about Clark's origin and powers - Dealt with "Jor-El" - Dealt with various "meter freak" villains - Laid the foundation for the...
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    James Garner passed away at 86 years old!

    James Garner passed in his LA home last night at age 86. Condolences to the family. He's leaving an amazing legacy for fans worldwide. My favorite show's always been Rockford Files.
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    Your Favorite TV Themes/Songs

    Here's my best narrowed-down list: My #1 remains the Combat! S1 opening. That "pre-intro" always places this in the top spot. I'd rate the S2-5 openings after other themes though. The rest aren't in any order, all too close to choose a #2,3,4, etc. Westerns: Wild Wild West S1 opening...
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    Your favorite TV quotes of all time

    The Longer Ranger: "A fiery horse with the speed of light, a cloud of dust, and a hearty 'Hi-ho, Silver, away!'" Wagon Train (Ward Bond seasons): "Wagons, Ho!"
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    What Is Your Favorite "Comfort Food" TV Show?

    I think you'll like it overall. I got this series set at Gary's recommendation, having not seen any of it before the dvd purchase. It started slow for me but by the time I was done, I'm glad to have it in my collection. One thing that I look at when viewing a series for the first time, is...
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    Ann B. Davis (Brady Bunch) Passed Today 06/01/14

    RIP for the housekeeper in the "Brady Bunch" TV series (1969-74).
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    Which classic TV series do you most want to see remastered and released on blu-ray?

    Having not entered the BR market, I might do it if "Combat!" was released on BR remastered from the original elements without time-compression. Otherwise, I'm ok with the standard DVD sets. Having received feedback from a couple of friends that have compared standard releases of older tv shows...
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    We the jury, find the defendant guilty as charged, having ruled on presented evidence that this TV/DVD collection doesn't meet the minimum number of series sets as deemed necessary set forth by HTF charter section 3 subsection 4.6.5. "It is duly ordained that the defendant be required to meet...
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    What Is Your Favorite "Comfort Food" TV Show?

    Glen I have 2 answers to this one. Bionic Woman S1 For "rewatchability" factor. I lost count how many times I've seen this season's episodes. It's hard to pick only one: LITB For overall series choice. I'd pick TAGS except I'm only interested in S1-5. If I was picking by category...
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    What are your top 5 favorite shows from the 1960s?

    Same here. Ben, here's my top 5. Gary will post his soon. Big Valley Even though it came after the B/W years which are considered by many to have been the golden age of Westerns (I agree with this exception), it's one my top "rewatchibility" shows. Casting was superb, imo. The...
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    What are your top 5 favorite shows from the 1980s?

    I didn't watch much network series in this decade, too much sports. So there were some big-name shows that I'd never seen until the dvd releases. HILL STREET BLUESKNIGHT RIDER Blind-buyA TEAM Blind-buyMIKE HAMMER (1984-89) One of my few unreleased favoritesMATLOCK Blind-buy Barely...