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    FS: Hipix DTV-200 HD PC Tuner

    One more time and then I'll put it on eBay. $300 plus I'll pay for shipping via the USPS. Jeff
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    FS: Hipix DTV-200 HD PC Tuner

    Sorry Mark. Can't believe I forgot to put that in there. Jeff
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    FS: Hipix DTV-200 HD PC Tuner

    I am selling a Hipix card with all of the original accessories included, even the batteries. It was used for about 8 months and is in great condition. For reference, check out my feedback on eBay. Asking price is $300. Shipping will be via the USPS. The exact amount will be determined by the...
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    Any football being broadcast in HDTV this year?

    It's been rumored and unofficially confirmed by some high ranking ABC guys that the Super Bowl will be in HD. Hopefully we will find out soon. Jeff
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    Hitachi Power doesn't come on

    That sounds all to familiar to me. I had the same thing happen. My set had a bad power distributor and few fried transistors. It only cost $78 to fix it all, but then again I knew the repair guy and he cut me a break on the labor. Hopefully it is something similar, since it was an easy fix. Jeff
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    Sony 57 WV 700... tell me what you think about this, plz

    Donald, I would say that she should dive head first at this opportunity. It retails for about $4,000. I have seen the 57WV600 at Circuit City and it looks amazing. Better than any other set in the store. The 57WV700 should look even better. Tell her to go for it and don't look back. Good...
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    Pioneer Introduces The DV-47Ai and DV-45A

    Stan, The firewire ports will allow for the digital transfer of DVD-A and SACD from the player to the receiver. Currently, this has to be done with six analog outputs from the player to six analog inputs on the receiver. I'm sure there will be more benefits too. Jeff
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    Aerosmith Coming To DVD-Audio

    Direct from MTV News - June 19, 2002
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    HTPC - HDTV card?

    Thanks Allen. I didn't realize that Gary was from DC. I been reading many of his posts. Jeff
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    HTPC - HDTV card?

    Danny, Looks like the two main advantages I can see real quick are the component outputs and the firewire connection. If my memory serves me right, this is the first card to be able to do either. I know that I have my eye on it for a future purchase. And speaking of that, anyone ever deal...
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    Viewing STAR WARS digitally and Ticket Information

    Aaron, Go to Ziegfeld. I just got back from the 12:15 show today; it's a 2 and a half hour drive and of course we had to journey around the city all day. OK, now back to the movie. Ziegfeld, without a doubt, is the best presentation of a movie I have ever seen, well other than IMAX. The DLP is...
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    Viewing STAR WARS digitally and Ticket Information

    Scott, It's either sent on 14 ROM discs, over a satellite link, or over fiber optic lines. Not all of the discs are actually used; 7 of them are for backup. Jeff
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    Viewing STAR WARS digitally and Ticket Information

    David, Don't quote me on it, but I believe it's 20bit uncompressed. I remember reading that somewhere here on the forum. Update: This is straight from the DLP site. Audio: The audio information is normally stored as six channel, 24-bit uncompressed PCM data for the feature, and 16-bit...