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    stupid questions

    The answer is MAYBE. It depends on your TV set and component configuration. If you have two antenna inputs on your set, one can be for over the air signals (local stations) and the second can be for sat/cable with TIVO connection. A splitter for the Ant 1 signal is needed. I sometimes watch...
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    TiVo 2.0!

    I got my upgrade over the weekend. The upgrade just made a good thing even better. I like the feature of changing the recording quality on the fly rather than delete the program and re-enter at a different quality. Wish lists are great too. Man, I am so impressed with TIVO, television is not...
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    Paramount Petition****Remaining Eddie Murphy Films****

    Man these titles would be great. Would love to see them on DVD in their full glory with top of the line features. Believe me, you would sell a ton of them. Jeff T