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    Like new velodyne cht 5 speaker set - excellent! $150 plus shipping.

    Will take $125 plus actual shipping. Thanks. PayPal only to confirmed address. Thanks. Jason
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    Like new velodyne cht 5 speaker set - excellent! $150 plus shipping.

    Been a long time since I've been on the forum. Recently upgraded to some speakers that are in fact older and not even close to as nice of condition as this set. Looking to find these puppies a new home.Have run them since 2007 sparingly in pseudo home theater setup. They are perfect sonically...
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    FS ... guitar hero III for Wii disc only ...

    no longer for sale
  4. Jason Hammerly

    PRO-LX5 surround speakers

    Did you realize his original post is almost three years old? :)
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    First Post-help choosing between Klipsch Quintet III vs JBL Northridge N24AWII spkrs

    vanns.com has the quintet II for $199 shipped. FYI ... saw on a baragain board today. J
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    FS: Gamecube bundle- 12 games and lots of extras: $150 shipped.

    Sure did. These are the games that I don't play anymore. Thanks for the heads up though. Jason
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    standard dvd bundle for sale ... 15 discs for $60

    All 15 dvd's for $50 shipped. Widescreen unless noted. Paypal only! thanks. Jason Dodgeball King Kong (new release) Minority Report 2 disc set - FS (sealed) Cast Away- SE 2 disc set (Sealed) 007-Die Another Day- SE 2 disc set (Sealed) Super Speedway- FS 007-Tomorrow Never Dies...
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    Various DVDs 4 Sale

    thanks Bill .... dvd's are great and quick shipping. Jason
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    Klipsch KSB 3.1 bookshelf speakers FS ...

    sold ... thanks Stewart.