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    Why do American cars and trucks suck so bad?

    Interesting thread. Regarding reliability and such, IMO it's not a matter of country of origin or place of manufacture. As is often noted, many "Japanese" vehicles are assembled in North America. The differences in quality are more likely due to management styles and attitudes. I say this...
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    Any nasal snuff enthusiasts here?

    Nothing to add here, cept when I saw the thread title, I didn't know what "nasal snuff" was - sounded like a euphemism for uh... another... nasally applied chemical product.
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    Canada gets some good candy and potato chips

    There are more 7-11s in Japan than anywhere else in the world. I have bought and tried green tea KitKat here in Vancouver. Actually still have two sticks as the boxed package is split into two twin packages. Those in Toronto, Edmonton and I believe Calgary may be able to find Green Tea...
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    Bryston 3b, 4b and Denon

    I second the idea of using the 3B for the CC instead of the surrounds as the CC is far more important than the surrounds. In fact you may be able to bridge the 3B and not "waste" a channel of it at all.
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    Texas hold 'em question (Now WSOP 2005 - Spoilers!)

    Jon: (This coming from a pretty bad poker player) - Specifics are really hard to give. Most hands in hold 'em will in the long run lose when played against good competition. Aside from the variables you've already mentioned: 1) cash game? tournament? limit/no limit? 2) how are the...
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    Klipsch drops Tweeter; Tweeter now sells hi-end JBL?

    You know John - I've actually seen the TiK in an audio store in Edmonton Alberta. Did a double-take when I saw the JBL logo, especially since I associated JBL mostly with the black boxes with ugly drivers :) Didn't listen to them but they sure look neat ... plus for high end speakers I guess...
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    attention vanoucver/lower mainland residents!

    FS isn't the best place to go if you're looking for hardcore audio equipment. Try some of the specialty retailers in Vancouver - I can't help you out with Langley specifically though. The problem is that "high end" stands often are quite expensive - if you DIY you can probably save money...
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    Denon 3910 vs Pioneer 868i (59AVi)

    The 3910 is NOT all-region out of the box. There are very few upper-range DVD players that are region free. The Arcam HDMI player comes to mind as does the Australian version of the 59Avi.
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    Fellow Californians: do you buy earthquake insurance? Why and why not?

    Dustin: Do not assume that your fire insurance covers fire following an earthquake. There may be a specific exclusion on your coverage. As for EQ shake, potential coverages may include: - structural damage - contents - emergency accomodations The particulars will depend on your...
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    lawn mowers

    Philip - I am considering getting a reel (nonpowered) mower to replace my dad's old gasoline behemoth. Is there any difference in effort to mow the lawn? Also, it rains a lot where I live. Will this be a problem? Thanks.
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    What’s the matching Paradigm center for my Reference Studio v.2 60’s?

    The matching centre is the Studio CC (v.2). Backups? I think the v1 Studio Centre is the CC-450. You could also try the CC-470/570 (v.3).
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    My preliminary HT A/V system Proposal...

    well Marco - my opinions (btw I'll accept a permanent personal invitation to your place to watch movies as payment :D ) Audio: Other prepros ... this is a tough question because there are a lot of high-end choices out there. Once again if you're going turnkey you'll be limited to what your...
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    My preliminary HT A/V system Proposal...

    Wow. That's a lot of money, and this is a really tough question as it looks like you're looking for a turnkey solution rather than a DIY job with a list of equipment. If it is indeed turnkey, I'd at least try to find out if there will be any provision for acoustics (and calibration) in the...
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    New system in custom home by rookie help!

    I don't have anything to add about the install itself, but it appears that nobody has mentioned a CRITICAL ingredient for a non-enthusiast user: a good remote that isn't too complex and doesn't require too much HT knowlege to use. Scott, obviously it's impossible for this job but have you...
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    2005 Formula 1 - Australian GP

    Hope it's okay to discuss Malaysia race results now ... How about those Renaults? I don't believe how effortless Alonso's win was - fastest in d1 qualifying, fastest in d2 qualifying, fastest in the end by a huge margin. Then there was Fisichella who was merely fastest into Webber's side ;)...