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    New Infiniti FX45

    I think it's an excellent vehicle - I like it! I'm a previous owner of an X5 4.4i Sport, so that means a lot coming from me. :) It's faster than the X5 4.4i, and costs the same if not less than the X5 3.0i.
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    Buying a gun

    - Go to a gun store. - Pick out a gun (I suggest renting several to see what you like). - Hand over your money. - Fill out paperwork. - Go home. - Come back after your federally mandated 5 day waiting period (usually more like 7 days). - Take gun home.
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    How late is too late to answer a knock at the front door?

    Ron has the right idea. I'd answer with my Glock in one hand, Surefire light in the other, and cell phone in my pocket. If I actually heard the knock from my bedroom, I would answer it. My roommate and I tend to be up late a lot, so a knock at 1am wouln't be totally abnormal. Any knock...
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    What have you learned from the internet?

    I learned what it takes to get God to kill a kitten.
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    *** Official BAD BOYS II Discussion Thread

    I loved it - it was everything I hoped it would be. I go to movies to be entertained, and that is exactly what it delivered, in spades.
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    Well, if *I* won the lottery...

    Like Gordon said, the $5M initial winnings would turn into about $1.5M after taxes and lump-sum penalty. What I would do with 1.5M differs greatly from what I would do with 5M. $1.5 Million: Immediately take 50% and give it to a financial advisor and tell them to hide it from me (invest...
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    New X-box magazine-the next issue big news

    My vote, er wish, is it's a bumped up release date for Halo 2!!!
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    This has GOT to be a psychological thing...

    I agree with Mark. While your position does affect how "bad" you have to go, I don't think that's the whole story. There's some sort of mental anticipation going on. I get the same way when I have to take a poo as well. :)
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    Silly Terminator 2 sounds

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    Anyone ever hear of Full Sail?

    I have two or three in my fridge right now, calling my name.... oh, not that Full Sail.