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  1. J

    Best 1080p projector for my budget? (2-3K)

    Don't forget Epson Home Cinema 1080
  2. J

    looking for cheap 5.1 hdmi 1080i/p passthrough reciever

    Maybe you could supply exactly what you want to hook up to the reciver so then people could narrow down how many and what kind of inputs you need? For example: Xbox 360 HDMI out DVD player Compnent video coaxil audio That type of thing.
  3. J

    Need advice on bi-amping

    I have the identical speaker setup to you (except my Sub is a Pw2200) Based on my experience spending $ on a higher end pre/pro and bucks to buy multiple amps to biamp the front 2 (since the center and surrounds are not bi amp wired) is a waste of money. The Monitor speakers are decent HT...
  4. J

    Paradigm vs. Klipsch

    I'm not sure how big your room is so I won't comment too much on why 7.1 vs 5.1 BUT I will say that I think if you are going 7.1 that 4 ADP 370s is overkill. 2 ADps for the sides and 2 Mini Monitors for the rear should be more than enough. Those ADPs are expensive and for the very very...
  5. J

    Which component cables should I use for my Xbox & DVD player??

    I'm guessing but I would think that the Ar cables would not give you a WORSE picture. Would it be better? Maybe. Why not just try it. You've already got the cables. Its an easy swap. I am using the cables that came with the Xbox becuse I am too cheap to buy any others. If I had another...
  6. J

    New B&M Subs!

    Low-Frequency Extension* 11 Hz (DIN) YIKES won't that like rip a hole in the space time continum or somethings?
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    Speakers dat don't get no love ...

    I have to vote for Genelec . I had never even heard of them. I went to my local dealer to pick up some cables they made for me and as usual I asked. So what you got that's new and cool. Well thay had this bookshelf black speakers set up next to some huge 12K B&W 800 series rosewood...
  8. J

    Home Depot outdoor extention cord...

    I find that Home Depot extension cords give soaring uncoulored highs with a woody texture to the bass. Canadian Tire extension cords lend and trancedint openness to the midrange with adding an almost pinkish orange coloration to the midbass. :)
  9. J

    Axioms versus Paradigms

    Definitley DO NOT get the Axiom sub.
  10. J

    What kind of separates do you have?

    Rotel RSX 1055 Parasound HCA 1203A (140w x3 running fronts RSX internal amps running the 2 rears)
  11. J

    What kind of amp does everybody have?

    Parasound HCA 1203A 140 X 3 Rotel RSX 1055 runs rears 75 W X 5 or 98 W X 2.
  12. J

    possible to do a budget set of seperates?

    How about another alternative in a move towards separates. Use both and external amp and the receiever ampms! I make this suggestion because it works well for me. If the receiver channels can be reassigned even better. You could buy a good 2ch on 3ch amp and use a receiver as the pre...
  13. J

    Toshiba SD-5960 HDMI 1080i Output

    This Toshiba is widely considered to be generally (how can I be nice) not very good. I thought I heard it had been recalled (someone correct me). I'd take the thing back and buy and LG or Zeinith that does 1080 over component with no white crush issues.
  14. J

    Parasound 2205at too much power for B&W speakers?

    0db isn't reference level is it? DVE or Aviva use either 75 db or 85 db as reference. The number on the reciever dial really has no bearing on "reference" level. I need to turn my Rotel to 70 (out of 90) to get 85 DB reference level (at least that is what I remember). Start with all...
  15. J

    A 5 channel amp for about $ 1,000.

    They are not as plentiful but a nice 3Ch amp might be just what you are looking for. I see a few 3 chs on audiogon with as much as 200 WPC X3 for less than $1000. The center ch is very demanding in HT so personally I think it is important to give more power there. I run a 3 Ch and let my...