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    Projector suggestions? I'm STUMPED!

    Unfortunately, no, I don't think I know anyone who could forward it on. It's a shame. Maybe I'll contact tigerdirect.
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    Projector suggestions? I'm STUMPED!

    Thanks for the great advice/suggestions. That does look to be a great projector, unfortunately, tigerdirect.ca is needed for us poor Canucks, and they don't seem to have it. :frowning: But the costco deal may soon be ordered!
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    Projector suggestions? I'm STUMPED!

    Hey folks, kind of torn.. thinking either this guy: http://www.futureshop.ca/catalog/pro...gon=&langid=EN Since it's on sale, or the Optoma 770, cause I can get it at Costco (around 1100 with a screen thrown in, I don't want to DIY screen) .. anyone else have any thoughts? This isn't...
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    Which digital camera do you have?

    Hey all, had a Canon S1 IS, which was/is a great little rig. Just picked up a Sony A100K between myself and the family for me at Christmas. Can't wait!
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    The Highlight of your life (so far)

    That's kind of simple. It's a clique/group/rationalising their own choices thing. Try to discuss unions with a union member, religion with a fundamentalist, or the military's actions with a Army/Navy/Air Force member. You're not one of them. You must have something wrong with you...
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    okay, this is apocalyptic stuff

    I just hope he cleaned off the cd when he was done with it. Wow. Oversell, much?
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    I Truly Don't Care How Many Songs You Have On Your Ipod

    Nevermind. The world is an irritating place.
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    *** Official Oscar Nominations and Discussion Thread

    That Jarhead is not even near this list simply validates why I don't watch Oscars/award season much. So many different spins.
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    The Rules-Men's edition

    I find it odd because it's not like men NEVER sit down, and how often do we fall in (for instance in public/workplace washrooms)?
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    The Tragically Hip - Hipeponymous

    Pretty sweet set. Got it for my birthday recently. Nice stuff.
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    Fantastic movie. Great visuals, acting, and score. Slightly cliched in spots, but then again, just because we've heard it before, doesn't mean it isn't true.
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    Dell keeps sending me monitors?

    Why in the hell should someone do that? :)
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    New "Silent Hill" stills

    Sounds and looks like the first game with a woman subbed in for the man. Really dislike Laurie Holden as an actress, however, so that has me kind of concerned.
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    Saw 2

    Actually, no, you probably must not say, if you're not trying to thread crap.
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    new Sigur Ros album lands September 13th

    It's out. I think it's fantastic. Check this out: Listen to the album Here