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    Best way to mount Mini Monitors on wall

    I did mount my mini monitor V.2 (I don't know if V.3 are heavier) on my walls (front AND back). I had no problem with port noise due to toeing them in and down a bit. I used the Premier mounting brackets made for the smaller Atom or Titan. The back on the minis don't have anywhere designed for...
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    rear surround options for paradigm studio setup

    Why don't you want the Studio 20's? I can't imagine considering the monitor 3 speakers if you don't want the 20's EXCEPT for the cost issue. If this is the only issue, I would suggest looking for used Studio 20's. If this isn't something you would consider, then consider the mini-monitors as...
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    paradigm Studio 20s and ADPs

    I went 20's and haven't looked back. The ADPs will be a good upgrade when I go 7.1. I had ADPs when I had the monitor line, and then I used minimonitors all the way around. I like the direct firing speakers when they are behind me. I prefer rear speakers than on the side. That made the 20's a...
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    Suggestions For Best Reciever for $1,000 or under

    Denon 3803 for around $900 authorized. Pioneer Elite 45tx for less than $1k authorized
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    Looking at a Paradigm setup, any idea if this is a good deal?

    I wouldn't think you could do much better anywhere. New retail is about $3k on that setup and you shouldn't be able to find it much more than 20% off. That means you'd be looking at $2600 + tax as what I would consider a good fair price for new. If they are in excellent-new condition getting...
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    Break in of Paradigm Studio 60's with center

    I used both DVDs and CDs. The DVDs played in DD or DTS while I had the CDs playing in PL2 music or cinema mode. I left the media on at around 80db while at work for several days. I noticed a good bit of difference after only a few days. Since then, the difference is not noticable to me. I...
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    Paradigm Reference V2 Vs. V3 - Has anyone done a direct comparison?

    That makes a HUGE difference with HT. I had an older set of 'digms that blended well, but the studio V2s I purchased earlier this year really create a sense there is complete sound field in front instead of three speakers.
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    Reference CD's from Classic Rock to Current Rock/Pop/Electronic

    On recommendations in this thread, I purchased Steely Dan (A decade of Steely Dan), Van Halen (Right Here, Right Now live), and Dire Straits (Brothers in Arms). Steely Dan and Dire Straits are very nicely done in my amateur opinion. Of course, Van Halen's live concert isn't going to be great for...
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    Paradigm question: need small surrounds to go with studio 20 fronts

    yea...the mrs told me the 100s looked large. . . . . . They're living large in my room now;)
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    Paradigm question: need small surrounds to go with studio 20 fronts

    Back to your original question though... I would lean towards the studio inwalls before purchasing the Atoms. And, as JamieS said, you should stay as closely as you can to you front speakers if you are listening to a good amount of DVD-A.
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    Paradigm question: need small surrounds to go with studio 20 fronts

    I had mini monitors mounted on my walls with the brackets made for the atoms I believe. I had to drill a pair of holes in the back fo the mini-monitors, put in T-nuts, turn the bracket horizontal and feed the bolts into the T-nuts. It worked like a charm with VERY little modification to the...
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    Paradigm Studio V3's

    You can set the delay on most receivers or pre/pros for the center speaker to account for it being closer to you.
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    Paradigm Studio V3's

    IF they were factory new, I wouldn't consider walking out of the store without the V.2. Since they are demos, I would be less enthusiastic, but I would still buy the V.2 unless they are scarred or damaged in some other way to justifiy an even lower price. I purchased V.2 instead of V.3 because I...
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    Paradigm Studio V3's

    My 20s, CC and 100s all seemed to mello out a bit after 50-100 hours. I used the 20s up front while waiting for my 100s. The 100s did sound different to me than the 20s that were broken in. Is this a break in related phenomenon or the differences in the speakers themselves. I suspect more of the...