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    Xbox 360 Games for Sale (sorry, no trades)

    Lollerskates, we seem to frequent the same forums (HTF, AVS, CAG, GTZ). This is like the billionth time I've seen this list of games for sale. :-p
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    Metal Slug to Xbox

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    Metal Slug to Xbox

    http://www.gamespot.com/xbox/action/...s_6087000.html Looks like SNK finally got fed up with Sony's draconian 2D policies and is bringing Metal Slug to the Xbox instead. I'm glad that it's coming out, but also annoyed that it could have been released months ago if Sony had just approved it...
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    Great Games for Cheap

    I got wipeout fusion, Giants: citizen kabuto, and Skygunner for around $21 shipped from EB after coupons. I think Giants won a lot of awards on the PC, so I thought it might be worth checking out. Got Stretch Panic for $5.00 at hastings......only game in the world that lets you pinch giant...
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    Halo 2 Pre-order thread

    I would run FAR, FAR away from Buy.com. They couldn't even ship Silpheed, a super low demand game, within a month of release date.....and I had preordered it 2 months prior. No preorder on this for me, I'd rather take advantage of whatever sales occur when it comes out.
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    December NPD's - The sheep have spoken

    I never expected games like Top-Spin and Crimson Skies to rack up killer sales and I don't think Microsoft did either. It looks like 3rd party stuff is selling well across the board on the Xbox. It has a userbase nearly identical to the GC's, and yet the #10 Xbox game is selling better than the...
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    Beyond Good & Evil...Wow!

    For me it was the sailing. I didn't like spending 40% of my playtime on an activity I found boring within the first 2 minutes. I had played it in small doses to see if I could make my way through, but I quit for good when the triforce hunt began.
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    Beyond Good & Evil...Wow!

    I thought it was a good length. I'd rather have a game that is pure enjoyment the whole way through than one that is artificially extended through meaningless garbage(ie: Zelda WW). I get more length out of something like BG&E anyway since the seamless pace makes it stand up well to multiple...
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    Castlevania: Lament of Innocence - thoughts?

    I thought it was an average Devil May Cry clone with not much to distance it from the pack. I got it for $33.33 on the TRU deal and I wish I’d have purchased it when it was in the $15-$20 range. Not to say it’s a bad game, since all elements are executed competently, but it feels very generic...
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    Great Games for Cheap

    BOF V is also $5 at CC. CC is starting to actually go back in and raise the prices on their clearance deals though.
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    Best place to preorder games?

    EB and Gamestop are both reliable but $49.99 for a new game is too rich for my blood. I prefer to snag whatever hot deal presents itself and I don't like being locked into a preorder. For example, I just snagged Sonic Heroes at Target for $18.00 with a raincheck substitution.....and picked up a...
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    Primal for dirt cheap

    480p is good enough for me, I can't even tell the difference between 480p and 1080i on my 27inch at normal viewing distance. When I started playing Primal, I thought the crisp graphics would look great in high-def but assumed it was just wishful thinking. After you mentioned it though, I...
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    Two Towers vs. Return of the King ?

    There are known problems with Thompson drive Xboxes and EA games in general, but I don't think there's any specific known problems with ROTK.
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    Primal for dirt cheap

    The only time the camera bugs me is when Scree climbs on walls, otherwise it seems like every other 3rd person game. Dave, I didn't know this game supported HD, how do you enable it?
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    Any reviews for Rogue Squadron III-Rebel Strike yet?

    They should be in CD cases somewhere in the video game department. They used to have yellow/green inserts, but now the insert is yellow/black. Basically, you buy the giftcard, and there is a coupon for $5.00 off any game or accessory > $19.99. You can do it all in one transaction if you don't...