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    Sub Amp Humming

    yeah i'm going to replace mine pretty soon
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    Sub Amp Humming

    Darren is trying to figure out what this could be. Anyone have any ideas?
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    Sub Amp Humming

    I found Darren Thomas's info and e-mailed him with the problem.
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    Sub Amp Humming

    My sub has a constant hum even when it is not hooked up to anything except being plugged into the wall. I tried using a cheater plug, plugging into different outlets, different houses. I'm thinking the amp might be bad. Problem is that this is a DIY Tempest sub i bought 3 or 4 years ago and I...
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    Leaning Toward Klipsch Speakers - Am I Crazy

    I own monitor 7's and like them very much. Maybe look into the paradigm studio series as they are very good but might be too expensive.
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    FP and aspect...a question

    look into movie aspect ratios and see if that is the problem
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    What's a good gaming chair?

    if you want a REAL good gaming chair get a standard recliner and wire it up with bass shakers from parts express. If you don't like the rumble feature with your controller than this wouldn't be for you.
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    ***Official The Brute Force Xbox Thread***

    the thing I hate about some game review sites is that the preview reviews of teh demo etc always build up the game and make it sound really good and then their actual post release review trashes it...I always feel tricked. Was the co-op strategy what was supposed to make Brute Force good? The...
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    Bellingham WA area free theater seats

    not at the moment, but its right off the interstate 5, so come across the Blaine Border crossing and go all the way through Bellingham, until you get to the western Washington University exit...(if you've gone to fairhaven you've gone to far. take that exit and go straight at the first...
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    Bellingham WA area free theater seats

    Sehome Cinema is redoing there theaters and have thrown out all their old seats. They are dismantled and some are damaged, a little paint/cleaning will do them good. I talked to a manager and he said he didn't care if anyone took the seats. Just thought some people might want to check it out. I...
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    Is CGI ruining your movie going experience?

    whoa whoa whoa, the cgi yoda is a product of several years of progressing technology. the lightsaber scene is the only time where I wasn't completely "convinced", but Lucas understandably would have gotten blank stares many years ago if he would have asked for that scene. Its not "perfect" by...
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    Rental store clerk warnings

    ---------------------------------------------------------- No one grows up and says "when I grow up I want to work in a video store for a living". Well maybe some people do, but those people are probably still living in their parents basements and play D&D with their friends on a friday night...
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    Rental store clerk warnings

    Karl F: hey i've heard of your store. My film teacher at WCC has mentioned it a time or two. I might have to check it out sometime. I don't think I work with an octavia, I work at Cordata DQ __________________________________________________ ______- Jake - as an employer, I have to say that I...
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    I pulled the trigger on the Infocus X1

    I can't imagine spending more money and getting an rptv...maybe if I had terrible ambient light, but Rptv's dont look that great in ambient light either.
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    XBOX HD Pack is too dark

    my xbox is also noticeabbly darker than my other sources/consoles...luckily I have memory user settings on my projector so I have one with the settings higher for XBOX and can switch back and forth easily. Is that an option for any of you guys?