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    High paying careers?

    Become an actuary. An actuary told me that once. -JNS
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    Sloan's "Action Pact" - coming to U.S.?

    Sloan has a new album? I shall be checking that out! -JNS
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    Do you get mad when someone asks how much $$ you make?

    New car, caviar, four star daydream. Think I'll buy me a football Canadarm team. r-ring rip chug clatter chugga-chugga clink clatter :D -JNS
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    I want to vent some disgust here...

    You know if James had not mentioned his age, I very much doubt that people would be telling him about getting off his high horse, about being rude, about .. being a self-assured individual who thinks for himself. From what I've seen, I think James is going to be quite a successful person. He...
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    Help me make a compilation of Ohio songs please!

    The WKRP theme song. "Cincinnati, WKRP". -JNS
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    Any (former) musicians give up their instrument?

    Why don't you bring your proficiency to some tunes of your own making and put them out as an album? It doesn't have to all happen overnight, but it can be an ongoing project. I imagine Paul Simon was in a rut after Simon & Garfunkel and his early solo work, but then turned to African music to...
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    Any (former) musicians give up their instrument?

    You too, Zane? I got through that lack-of-interest phase by writing my own tunes. It's a breeze to do today with a soundcard and multitracking software. It helps to have some experience or anecdote to base the tune off of. In my case, I did a guitar tune about an acquaintance of mine who...
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    Help appraising a Stratocaster...

    Thanks for your advice, Jeff. I'll see if $425 will do the trick! -JNS
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    Help appraising a Stratocaster...

    It is not a Squier, and it is in fantastic shape. Looking at the wood, I see good grain and no discontinuities. There is not a scratch on it. Action is fine, no buzzing, intonation is good. Comes with a hard shell case that is also in great shape. Also comes with shoulder strap. I'll try to...
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    Help appraising a Stratocaster...

    So, what price would you peg it at, $300 or $400? -JNS
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    Help appraising a Stratocaster...

    Hopefully someone on the forum might know something about ascertaining the resale value of a Fender Stratocaster guitar. I got it used from a Strat enthusiast, and it was in fantastic condition, and was improved by some aftermarket parts. It's a Mexican-made Strat (serial MN9.....), "Midnight...
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    bandwidth limitation on optical cabling?

    I would suspect that the quality of the optical material used, and the quality of the outer cladding (and therefore the uniformity of the critical angle over the length of the fiber) would play a large role in overall bandwidth capacity. Think of it as a telescope made with finely-machined...
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    CFD programs

    A friend of mine just completed his Ph.D. in CFD, so I can ask him for you. -JNS
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    what is it with the stereotype associated with asians?

    The stereotype is there for good reason. Most of the Asian families in North America came over here either with a good education or a solid work ethic. These families tend to value education more than most (although there are exceptions). I've noticed a lot of Jewish people value education in...