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    Blu-ray Review Laurel & Hardy – The Definitive Restorations Blu-ray Review

    I agree with some of the voices here. I'd much rather have this than nothing. I'll leave it there.
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    Dear Warner Bros...How 'Bout Giving Up Your Marx Bros. on Blu-ray?

    No, Westchester Films (formerly Castle Hill). Shout! controls.
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    International Roadshow Sweet Charity from Indicator

    They've had some Universal titles like CHARLEY VARRICK.
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    Amazon and pre orders

    Agree. Things are getting worse, not better, over time. USPS shipping is really bad right now. I know everyone is trying to limit the numbers of workers at hubs and warehouses for safety reasons. I think it's the new normal for now. Don't see anything changing until we have a vaccine or...
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    John Ford At Columbia 1935-1958 blu ray box set

    I had preordered the Hammer Volume 5 set from Amazon UK and it came in this week on schedule. Looks like if you preordered before they stopped shipments to the USA, they still send it......or at least in this case they did.
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    Kino Lorber Insider (Read Guidelines Post #3)

    Funny thing about DALEKS--INVASION EARTH 2150AD is that marketers never knew where to put the apostrophe or if even to use it! Like others, I have these on UK blu ray, but will buy Kino's releases as well! The use for Kino's cover art is definitely wrong, but I suspect will be corrected.
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    A Few Words About A few words about...™ Universal Horror Collection - Volume 4 - in Blu-ray

    Yes, mustard gas was basically a nasty irritant and would not cause an endocrinological condition like acromegaly. Acromegaly is caused by growth hormone excess produced by a type of pituitary tumour (which is benign, except in what it does if left untreated).
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    Press Release Warner Archive Press Release: Two on a Guillotine (1965)

    Love this one. Directed by William Conrad (yes, that one). I think WAC's listing is wrong.....I've only ever seen this one in black & white.
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    A Few Words About A few words about...™ Universal Horror Collection: Volume 3 - in Blu-ray

    Give me Beebe, Waggner, Kenton, R.V. Lee, and others over the A-listers every time. Love these movies. Ordered 2 copies of this set sight unseen. Unless they've been colorized, I will enjoy them!
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    Monty Python's Flying Circus Restored for Blu Ray

    Who did Network use for shipping? I bought a 60i set from Deep Discount with no damage at all and a 50i box as a gift for someone from Amazon UK and it only had a minor tear on one of the dividers. I the UK order was shipped by DHL and the US order via USPS. Seems weird that so many were...
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    Just got this in....another of the new transfers by VCI from Universal's elements. Looks great for a raw scan. Unfortunately, it is BD-R over 2 least from Amazon. The last one of these I bought (THE VANISHING SHADOW) was a pressed disc. Curiously, THE ROARING WEST DVD was...
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    Warner Archive Discussion Thread (The Announcements/The Films)

    Sadly, I've confirmed it myself.....the documentary isn't included on the DVD-R set.
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    Warner Archive Discussion Thread (The Announcements/The Films)

    Looks like the Warner Archive have re-released the now out of print TCM Archives Lon Chaney Collection. Unfortunately, based on the specs at the WB Shop, it looks like they've dropped the wonderful Kevin Brownlow feature length documentary LON CHANEY: A THOUSAND FACES. Can anyone confirm that...
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    Kino Lorber Insider (Read Guidelines Post #3)

    Yes, from Amazon.