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    Battlestar Galactica: Season 2 - SciFi US broadcast thread

    I know you guys keep saying "dream reset" with tongue firmly planted in cheek, but I still have to be the nerd and point out that Ron and David promised us no reset buttons. and knowing that there won't be one, HOLY FRAKKIN LORDS OF COBOL, OCTOBER!? I think that was the best 1.5 hours of TV I...
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    Love Monkey ongoing thread

    Mikel, That's pretty much what the last few posts have been about. UPN/WB (which will be The CW in the fall) picking up Love Monkey. I doubt UPN is making independent decisions about their fall schedule right now.
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    Curious George - quick review

    Lou, I felt the same way. It was very faithful to the Rey's vision and was a well told story to boot. I enjoyed it immensely and my 2 and 4 y.o. daughters sat quietly. It was a milestone for us, the first movie theater experience for either of them and it was a wonderful coincidence that such...
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    Love Monkey ongoing thread

    Isn't CW CBS/Warner, so they wouldn't have to buy anything, would they? Love Monkey Smallville Everwood (crosses fingers) I think I'll be a CW watcher.
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    Hu$tle (merged thread)

    My wife and I are members of the Church of Hustle. We caught the first Americaside episode and have been hooked ever since. Derivative as it may be at times, the writing, wit and camaraderie of the cast make this a must see. It's a real pressure releaser for a stressful week. Just ride it...
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    American Idol - Season 5

    Living near an upper middle middle class neighborhood, I am an expert in this and can explain why Paula looked so hideouos. Botox on her forehead, Botox on her upper lip, and perhaps elsewhere. Her upper lip was paralyzed and so was her forehead, hence the "bright" fake eyebrows...
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    Grey's Anatomy season 2 ongoing thread

    I said "Grey's Anatomy is back" after this episode. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I have seen about half of the episodes of the show, and this was the best one I have seen. The rhythm of the dialogue was pitch perfect. There was emotional depth behind it. And they didn't even fall into the trap...
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    Desperate Housewives season 2 ongoing thread

    I have to admit the Gabby/Carlos plots are the most interesting. The "crazy mother" cliche was just on the right side of "pulled it off" but barely, and on the strength of the actors. I think Bree going alky (it's TV I can be flip about it can't I?) was telescoped just fine. I agree with a...
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    Grey's Anatomy season 2 ongoing thread

    I am on the side of not liking the fact that the bomb went off, either, but SHonda needed her bookends and how else would Grey get the blood on her face and how else would the show get the dramatic heft to pull of the final shower? I also thought Burke and nMcDreamy were acting a little too...
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    CSI: Season 6 ongoing thread

    I haven't posted in a CSI thread in a while, but I really liked this episode as much as I was repulsed by it, and that's a lot! Once I guessed that we were dealing with twins, I was kind of rolling my eyes, but the reveal about the obsessive Mengele-like testing and then the two men sewn...
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    Smallville Season 5 thread

    I am confused, todd s, I didn't see Chloe's mom turn around to show her face. I saw the camera zoom in on Chloe and her response, then credits. I disliked this episode more than any Smallville I have ever seen (well, bottom 3). It was just boring. I really enjoy Allison Mack as an actress and...
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    Love Monkey ongoing thread

    I liked the vibe of last night's show, but the show is still finding it's footing thematically. It was fun to watch. I'd rather have a consistent theme through a story that works most of the time and is silly a little bit (hat turning) than the writers stay comfortble and not even attempt it...
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    Smallville Season 5 thread

    Tom, maybe only us viewers in N. Florida heard it but I heard Batman themes 3 times and S:TM themes a few times, to. Just 4-5 notes.
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    24 - Season 5 ongoing thread

    I realized last night that I have nothing recording in the 9pm Monday slot. So we watched 24 for the first time since day 3. It was great. I didn't know my boy Manny Coto was an Exec Producer. The man that saved Enterprise (almost) and created Odyssey 5 is driving Jack Bauer. Sweet...
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    name 5 movies that changed your life ...

    1. 2010: The Year we Make Contact - A flawed film, admittedly. The theme of "Not only are we not alone but the aliens are benevolent" resonated with me for the first time. I was turning 14 in a few days and had not seen Close Encounters yet, although I did rent 2001 before seeing it. I had read...