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    Going back to sealed from ported (Tempest) couple questions

    When you do get that high-excursion driver, some overhead chicken wire should do the trick :D
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    Receivers and Active EQ

    Thanks for the replies guys. I've decided to use the inbuilt decoder of the player and the old M504 will be used to power 1 or possibly 2 DIY subwoofers. Best regards :) Isaac
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    Receivers and Active EQ

    Hi, We recently bought an ONKYO TX-SR701 receiver and a Pioneer DV-667As for my dad who has a pair of BOSE 901VI. Dad would like to use the 901s as the front surround channels, unfortunately the speaker's active EQ is proving to be a challenge to insert between the signal path. At the...
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    Confused about WinISD Pro prediction of excursion

    That 100W figure is the thermal rating of the voice-coil. It really takes little power to mechanically-overload a subwoofer; especially at low frequencies; and especially using pure sinusoidal signals. hth :) Isaac
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    Crossover design software (good ones for cheap)

    Hi, General Circuit Simulators: SpeakerWorkshop is not entirely user-friendly, but it's free. Crossover Simulator isn't entirely finished, but it's functional and free. Classic Filter Simulator: Jeff B's Passive Crossover Design Calculator is a free, Microsoft Excel-based...
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    box volume calculater

    Here you go David :) Subwoofer Simulator Unibox winISD Pro SpeakerWorkshop Some more freeware programs from the FRD Group site. Regards, Isaac
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    Car Subwoofer

    An Adire Audio Shiva Mk-III in a 142-liter/18Hz vented-box is really something to be heard and experienced; especially when compared to 'car subwoofers.' Its bass reproduction just seems effortless and especially undistorted. Ordering one and shipping it to the Philippines may seem a bit too...
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    Require approx output from this Driver please?

    Xmax is pretty low and Fs is relatively higher compared to most "home" drivers. How much is this driver unit? I'd recommend an Adire Audio Shiva instead, which has more Xmax, better bass extension given only a (smaller) 142.5-litre vented-box @ 16Hz-18Hz and it'll play louder too. The authorized...
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    TrueAudio WinSpeakerz: Anyone Used?

    Try the software and information found at the FRD Group site as well :)
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    Air velocity in flared ports

    Peter, did you get a chance to look at that AES Preprint about flared ports? If not, you might be interested to know that the same text was re-released last year, so you no longer have to pay for the preprint just to study the article (that is if your local library has a JAES subscription). Here...
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    Conversion rate

    Dan, it's always been a habbit of mine to only round down the final answer (to the smallest significant digits among the factors used; 3 in this case) :D
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    Can you help me find some info on an IC?

    Dan, you could put student (which is what I put), hobbyist or DIYer in the Company edit box, that's fine. Tobey, I bet that'll make a nice pair of multimedia speakers -- better than stock plastic computer speakers. Those Peerless tweeters aren't shielded, are they? Here's an 8-ch amp based on...
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    Conversion rate

    No, Brian is right. 1.0ft^3 = 28.3 liters There are 12*2.54 cms/foot. 30.48^3 equals 28316.846592 cubic centimeters or 28.3 liters. :)
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    Can you help me find some info on an IC?

    Tobey, Rod's projects only come with inexpensive circuit boards, nothing else. So you can use the stuff you already have at hand. The Gainclone is another minimalist amp. It's so simple, everything could be wired up point to point. Dan, National Semiconductor offers free samples of their...
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    Pictures of my DIY speakers

    Nice, simple and neat setup! I bet those speakers sound just as good as they look :emoji_thumbsup: