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    A Few Words About A few words about...™ Pinocchio -- in Blu-ray

    In checking out DeeF's comment #71, I viewed the comparisons on DVD Beaver, too, and the colors in the original DVD look much better. The new DVD and Blu-Ray versions are just plain flat. In the three images of the donkey, there is almost no difference in contrast from left to right or top to...
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    Movies with significant content in the outer frame

    Cropping sometilmes occurs merely in transferring an image to a home video medium. There is the famous example of many home versions of CASABLANCA having the year cut off of a check Rick is signing at the beginning of the movie which tells us right then and there that the story we are getting...
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    DVD Review HTF DVD REVIEW: 10,000 BC

    I saw the movie in a theater. Ken, your review of the film is way too kind.
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    Win your choice of two amazing DVD collections!

    Grace Kelly!
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    Robert A. Harris BITS column discussion thread

    Hi Robert, Thanks for the humorous description of an all to common problem. (I'm not saying it happens most of the time, but it is still too common.) I'm a Mac user, too, and Apple's tech support has ALWAYS been first rate. As for product support for the products of other companies, that has...
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    The Monkees - HEAD

    Hi Chas, You've hit, perhaps unintentionally, on a pet peeve of mine. I think that for most stories, wide screen composition sucks. So often furrows at the top of actors' heads are lost, and so are hand gestures, which would otherwise be included in 1.33 (or 1.37) to 1 composition. Ira
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    CSI: Las Vegas Season 7 thread

    The last scene with Lady Heather seems to promise more to come. Brass tells her to get [psychiatric] help, to which she replies with silence and a blank look. I expect to see Lady Heather in this season's finale or in one or more episodes next season.
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    CSI: Las Vegas Season 7 thread

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    Star Trek TOS Special Edition Starts Sept 16th.

    Hi Nelson. I have complained in this thread about the 12:05 a.m. Monday time slot in LA. It's shown on NBC here. I fall asleep with the TV on, and miss these wonderful restored (but unfortunately edited) versions. While, as one of the older of the baby boomer cohort, I'm certainly among the...
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    Film Noir - LIST

    Hi Richard. I think Ilsa is guilty of nothing. Her relationship developed with Richard when she thought she was a widow. When in the city of Casablanca, regardless of where she was going to end up, she was motivated only by good - she wanted an exit visa for Victor so that he could continue his...
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    Film Noir - LIST

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    Film Noir - LIST

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    With demise of places like Tower Records where are collectors buying their dvd's?

    I'm about 8 years older than Eric and I agree, so many things have changed since we were kids. Like RobertGr, I decry the fact that many of our politicians have become even less intellectually honest while becoming even more vicious and venal. However, I do not lay the blame for the changes...
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    With demise of places like Tower Records where are collectors buying their dvd's?

    One reason a manufacturer in Fox's position cares is that it wants to encourage its retailers to promote Fox's products. If BB promotes the products and DDD undercuts BB's price, DDD gets the sales resulting from the interest created by BB's investment of time and money, and BB cuts back on...
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    Star Trek TOS Special Edition Starts Sept 16th.

    Thanks for the update, Nelson. I've been very impressed by the restoration of the few TOS Special Edition episodes I've seen. Unfortunately, with few exceptions, they are shown only at 12:05 a.m. Monday morning (i.e., after Sunday night) here, and I keep falling asleep waiting for the show. In...