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    Elvis (2022)

    I saw Elvis last night at Warner's with Baz and Austin Butler attending for Q&A after. Butler's performance is astonishing, while Hanks delivers one of the most manipulatively evil characterisations to ever grace a screen! Your body will feel the nearly 3 hour running time, but your mind will be...
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    Indiana Jones 5 (2023)

    As for Indy rip offs...how about this 3 film 2008 series? To my knowledge it is only available as a set in Germany, but the films are available individually in the US. It has a totally English speaking cast, but I have no idea if it was ever released theatrically.
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    UHD Review 1776 UHD Review

    I was hoping to gain a new appreciation for 1776 from these multiple versions and 4K bells and whistles, but for me it still ended up an odd production. It seems a strained mix of Broadway comedy and so-so show tunes overlaid with historical inaccuracies presented in authentic detail. This...
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    What was your very first movie on physical media purchase?

    Dave's was the best! I worked nearby in Glendale and Dave's was a Tuesday weekly ritual. I loved it when he would have both directors and stars come in for disc signings. I commuted from the other side of LA in Orange County where on weekends Ken Crane's was the place to go for LD's. Just a few...
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    What was your very first movie on physical media purchase?

    I had a Sony Umatic 3/4 inch cassette recorder. I got it in LA at Henry Radio at a little over $2000. I had to take out one of those sleazy loans to pay for it and was on a waiting list behind Frank Sinatra! I was able to also get 4 one hour $25 tapes for $100, and the goal that first night...
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    Blu-ray Review Flower Drum Song Blu-ray Review

    Mine came last Thursday and I was able to view it several times over the weekend. It is a beautiful transfer and I have no technical complaints. From a story point, after the big "Grant Avenue" number and the following striptease exposing Quan's fast girl lifestyle, momentum is slowed down by...
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    The Official Disney Movie Club Blu-ray Exclusives Thread

    I was never a fan of the Xerox sketchy animation era at Disney and neither was Walt Disney. It was all about economics, and to look respectable, the films even required a line drawing to be laid over the painted backgrounds so the sketchy animation could fit believably in a sketchy hand drawn...
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    International Pre-Order Dolittle (2020) (3D Blu-ray) Available for Preorder

    Just got the disc and my Oppo won't load it! I get an "unknown disc" message after a long attempt to load the disc. Dolittle is a region free disc, but I tried using both A & B regions on my region free player to no avail. Anyone else having loading issues with the Dolittle 3D from Australia?
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    UHD Review Uncharted UHD Review

    After watching the 4K disc last night and agreeing with all the above comments, I decided to revamp a post left months ago on another Uncharted thread... The Uncharted games were a huge success and had a major crossover following because of their cinematic style. The "cut scene" movies that...
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    Why I Own So Many Movies.

    Sorry to go back to the Theo Kalomirakis collection, but I had the pleasure of working with Theo 15 years ago. Not on a personal project, but at a corporate level. Theo is a self made man who's love of movies and their presentation inspired him to fill a niche that he was passionate about. Theo...
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    Is eFilmCritic.com officially closed down?

    For 2 months I have tried to access the long standing site... eFilmCritic.com and it no longer opens. No information is given and doing a web search brings nothing either. I liked cross referencing their release schedule as I often found titles listed that were found nowhere else. Any...