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    Anyone try/have the Ionic Breeze Air Purifier from The Sharper Image?

    http://www.hometheaterforum.com/htfo...t=ionic+breeze -ikiru
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    Paintball Anyone?

    I remember when speedball first came out. It was a california concept. I guess there wasnt enough cheap land in california to play traditional paintball. Anyway, speedball was great when all there were was pump action guns. These days with semi autos (yes some semis can fire 12-15 balls per...
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    Which is the best ratio in HDTV: 16:9 or 4:3

    I am also in the market for a new big screen. I am leaning towards the 4:3 TV. Here are my reasons: - Most of the material now is 4:3 - A good 4:3 TV will show 16:9 material and I am already used to the horizontal black bars...which leads me to - Im not used to horizontal gray (sometimes...
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    Paintball Anyone?

    Love the game! I have been playing on and off since 89, but I have recently put it to the side. Because of the cost of all my hobbies, I had to choose between paintball, home theater, volleyball, and watergardening, which ones to drop. My knee kept me out of volleyball and between the rest...
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    NFL Defense Question

    I had always thought that a blitz is when you send more than 4 men after the QB. 3 is a standard rush, 4 is a 4-man rush, 5+ is a blitz. -ikiru
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    Building a new home in Wiley, Texas and I got some questions

    Oh yeah, speaking of drywallers, if you put cable down and you have some wire hanging out (I have a bundle of wire hanging out of my closet wall that I am going to use to connect to the components) make sure you label the bundle with "NO CUT!!!!" Dry wallers will cut any hanging wires in order...
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    Building a new home in Wiley, Texas and I got some questions

    My wife and I are building a house in Corinth, TX (between Lewisville and Denton) and we just had our pre-sheetrock meeting with the builder. Here are some things that I have picked up. 1. When they put the wiring in, make sure that the phone wires do not run parallel to the electrical wires...
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    My wife and I are moving into a new house and we need a refrigerator. I would like to get some of yalls opinions on any brand out there that I might look at/avoid. Here are our requirements: -Stainless Steel -Crushed/cubed ice -Filter on water and ice -At least 25 cu ft -Energy Star...
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    What I don't get about Chinese Restaurants

    NO TO BUFFETS!!! They were great in college when one meal was all I got on the weekends, but now, if Im going to spend money going out to eat, I want to enjoy the food (obviously I have not found Morimoto's Iron Gourmet buffet yet :) ). To the credit of buffet places, buffets are very...
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    How do you pronounce the name "Kaleb"?

    Just call him by what "Kaleb" means in hebrew...Dog. Its just much easier :) -ikiru
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    NFL 2002 Discussion Thread!

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    NFL 2002 Discussion Thread!

    I am looking forward to a few teams this year: 1. Denver Broncos - Last year they were destroyed by injury and internal strife. If everyone could stay healthy, then this team may be a playoff contender. 2. Pittsburg Steelers - They did everything right last year except beat New England...
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    Ok, so I'm married now ... am I suppose to feel "different"?

    I have been married for almost a year now and let me tell you, the change here is very noticeable. My wife and I didnt live together before we got married and when she moved in, WHEW things changed. We bought a bigger bed together, bought living room furniture together, bought a new car for...