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    IMO, the worst looking DVD I own is Star Wars Episode II

    I take it you don't own Episode 1: The Phantom Menace then... If you want to talk ruined picture quality then this is the place to go for your hideous edge enhancement. Clones looks gorgeous in comparison.
  2. Iain Lambert

    Confirmed - UK price drop on the XBox

    We've lost the free JSRF/SegaGT, but as of today (or maybe tomorrow, I'm slightly confused on that) the XBox is down from £159 to £129 - MCV news here
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    Will we ever see 16:9 pan & scan?

    I saw that Watchdog too (oddly enough). The look of exasperation on the FOX UK exec as they were barracked for daring to release the 'widescreen' VHS in anything other than the shape of a 'widescreen' TV was just heartbreaking. This is now happening a fair bit in the UK, with discs like...
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    Frighteners - shabby new cover

    Oh. My. Lordy. That new Dante's Peak cover is just shocking; I'm really glad I've still got my original SE as I love the film.
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    The Italian Job remake trailer gives away THE WHOLE MOVIE!!

    Thanks to whoever put the spoiler tags on my spoiler. I should have realised that because we've established in the title that the whole movie was given away in the trailer, some readers here may not have seen this trailer. oops...
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    The Italian Job remake trailer gives away THE WHOLE MOVIE!!

    I was particularly impressed by the way that they took a classic British film set in Turin, and turned it into an American one set in Los Angeles. Classy ;) Does Donald Sutherland really need that money, being so obviously second-choice to a Michael Caine who already got burned on the...
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    Secret Rare game ... a remake of an 8-bit classic?

    While Rare have always left me slightly confused as to why they get so worshipped (with the glaring exception of Goldeneye, obviously), Ultimate Play The Game's back catalogue remains untarnished. A new Atic Atac would be brilliant if the multiple paths for the different characters, complex...
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    My new Controller.....

    Sorry Dave, I meant the X-Arcade, I should have been specific. Its a matter of taste, like I say, but the really stiff teardrop-style sticks they use aren't to my taste; I prefer the loose Hori-style (though I recognise that a clever person can change them, that slightly defeats the point)...
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    Flaming Lips LIVE

    They were support the last time I saw Mercury Rev, and I didn't even realise until I got there. Boy, was I pleased. Amazing gig.
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    My new Controller.....

    eurgh. Sorry, horses for courses and all that, but the sticks are far too stiff for me. Give me the DC Arcade Stick any day, or one of Hori's models.
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    Help me decide on how to spend $50 at Borders

    A couple of really good books I've had recently, that I can recommend: The 13 1/2 Lives of Captain Bluebear - Walter Moers Frankly insane "childrens" book, though its more a straight comedy that happens to involve a Blue Bear that doesn't include anything too likely to be unsuitable for kids...
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    new GTA a hoax or real

    Its one of those great April spoofs that work because you want it to be real. Crossing GTA with the coolness of Frank Miller's awesome Sin City would be stunning, and make the likes of XIII and NPR Quake look amateurish if done properly.
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    Radiohead 'Hail To The Thief'

    One thing is for sure, you won't be able to guarantee you've got the finished version of the album unless you've seen it come off the CD with your own eyes now - clever...
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    THE RECRUIT to be a MAR (Modified Aspect Ratio) release only.

    If Donaldson wants the disc to be 1.78:1 then thats his choice. Its my choice not to buy it if thats the case, though. I buy films to watch them like they are in the cinema, even if the director thinks they are "improved" by changing them for home release. Thats why I bought the theatrical...
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    Anyone gonna pickup Burnout2 for XBox or GC?

    I might get the Cube release at some point, but when I keep ignoring the PS2 one at £20 because I've got too many things to complete first forking over double that for the luxury of a few extra crash rounds and the comfort of my Wavebird it may well not happen...