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    Quad Tempest Classic Sealed LT Sub Array

    Mmm, if you had placed drivers on opposite walls, you could have reduced "swaying". As it is, if you reverse two of the drivers (preferably non-adjacent drivers, like FRFR or RFRF) so that their motors are on the outside and drive them out of phase, 2nd-order harmonic distortion will be reduced.
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    Are large underhung designs superior ro xbl^2?

    The B-Hive motor seems like a copy of the Aurasound NRT motor. Hell, they even have 1808 in the name.
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    What do I look for in speakers?

    You can definitely get a lot more for your money if you DIY.
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    Replacing a broken woofer in a speaker

    Sounds like the woofer's voice coils are bottoming out, or are at least rubbing against the pole faces.
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    Question about amp and sub compatability

    Car batteries are nominally 12V, though when the engine is running it goes higher to 14.4V.
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    In what way is an object suspended in mid air affected by bass notes?

    I don't think you could suspend something in the air using sound waves, as the compression of the air is followed by a rarefaction. A constant flow could do it.
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    Help with new gear....

    For the fronts I would definitely recommend the CDT Audio CL61a from thezeb.REMOVEcom at $150. Rear fill isn't necessary, though if you really want it Infinity isn't a bad brand for coaxes. A single 15" (like the Adire Audio Tempest) will go only slightly less loud at max power than 2 12"...
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    Question about amp and sub compatability

    David, I don't understand why it's so difficult to believe that you can send to a sub any amount of power under its rated maximum WITHOUT DAMAGE. When you underclock a processor, does it get damaged? No, it lasts longer. What about a house fan? Does it die faster when you choose the slower...
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    For all you techheads, please help

    The frequency response listed is +/- 1dB, so you should get the same power at all frequencies.
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    overall new car audio system

    What kind of speakers fit up front? If you have 6.5" holes in the doors, you can't go wrong with the CDT Audio CL61a from theREMOVEzeb.REMOVEcom. I don't really know much about coaxials, though (seeing as most rear fill would be coax). I'm not recommending thezeb because I work there or...
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    What frequency should my ports be tuned to?

    How did you calculate the internal volume without the dimensions of the ports? The port dimensions depend on the tuning frequency AND the internal volume of the box. IMO, vented enclosures are better for car audio since you can't really hear the difference between a sealed box and a vented...
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    Can somone recommend some good budge coaxials?

    Josh, if you picked up the CL61(a), they have tweeter pods that you can put anywhere. Try the A-pillars.
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    Wha-BAM! Part 2: AV12 Comes Home

    Mitch, you wouldn't happen to frequent the Anandtech forum, would you?
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    Reconsidering my choice of drivers...

    Sensitivity is how loud a driver can play with a given amount of power. The higher the sensitivity, the more "efficient" the driver. Vd is the maximum SPL limit of the driver at any given frequency. So if you have a driver with a Vd of about 3L and a sensitivity of 88db/[email protected], and a driver...
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    Anything I should know about the new Sony KP46WT510 that's coming in?

    Are instructions for getting into the service menu included with the set? If not, can somebody tell me how to do it?