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    The A-Team coming to blu ray

    I have all five seasons of The A-Team on single-sided DVD's from Universal. The most likely way that I would ever buy Universal's upcoming Blu-Ray release of The A-Team: The Complete Series is if no scenes that had originally featured "Howling Mad" Murdock singing and also no original dialogue...
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    Shout complete TV releases: What's next?

    I just found out that Shout! Factory has also released all six seasons of Spin City on DVD. Shout! Factory is the only DVD distributor that has released any seasons of Spin City on DVD. I also just found out that Shout! Factory has released the one and only season of the 2015 Canadian/British...
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    Shout complete TV releases: What's next?

    I've have a large amount of Classic TV on DVD releases from Timeless Media Group, but, I won't be posting exactly which Timeless Media Group Classic TV on DVD titles that I have anywhere in this thread. Here are the Shout! Factory Classic TV on DVD releases that I have in my collection...
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    Shout complete TV releases: What's next?

    I don't know if Shout! Factory will ever be getting around to releasing any additional DVD or Blu-Ray releases of classic 20th Century television shows at any point in the future. I'm so very grateful to Shout! Factory for having been such a marvelous DVD distributor of lots of classic 20th...
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    Kino-Lorber Insider Announcement Thread (Read Guidelines Post #3)

    Hi Kino Lorber Insider, Will Kino Lorber's upcoming August 3, 2021 Blu-Ray release of Coogan's Bluff feature the movie in uncut form? The DVD version of Coogan's Bluff is edited by approximately three minutes in all regions for unknown reasons. The missing scenes include Walt Coogan (Clint...
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    Completed Series?

    This is my sixth post in this thread. Following my most recent post in this thread, I've added these complete television series' into my DVD or Blu-Ray collection. Bearcats! Blue Thunder Coronado 9 Daniel Boone (The Shout! Factory collector's edition DVD releases of all six seasons) Flipper...
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    The Complete First Season on DVD!

    Smallville should have been included in the title of this thread. All the title of this thread says is The Complete First Season on DVD!
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    POLICE WOMAN to be Complete May 2018!

    Today's the day when the fourth and final season of Police Woman finally gets released on Region 1 DVD. I'll be receiving my copies of the third and fourth seasons of Police Woman directly from Amazon in the coming days. I'm planning to review the third and fourth season DVD sets of Police Woman...
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    The Magician - Bill Bixby

    Actually, Carl Betz wasn't ever on The Patty Duke Show. He's best known for portraying Donna Reed's husband on The Donna Reed Show for all eight seasons.
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    Blade Runner 2049 - 10.6.17

    Blade Runner (1982) is such a marvelous, iconic and epic neo-noir science fiction film. I've seen Blade Runner twice. The only version of Blade Runner that I've ever seen is The Final Cut which was first released in (2007) I have the Blade Runner: 30th Anniversary Collector's Edition 3-disc...
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    The Magician - Bill Bixby

    Amazon finally got around to posting their "The Magician // All 21 Episodes Plus TV Movie Pilot" VEI DVD release page on Monday, August 24, 2017, but, it's still impossible to order a copy of this VEI 4-disc DVD set on Amazon at this time. According to a reply that someone posted on that exact...
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    Green Acres Complete Series 10/17/17

    I usually dislike official press releases regarding TV Show on DVD releases. Not surprisingly, I dislike Shout! Factory's Green Acres: The Complete Series official press release from August 24, 2017. The reason why I dislike this official press release is due to Shout! Factory's refusal to...
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    Unreleased Disney Movies & TV

    I now have ten more old Disney live-action films to list that are still unreleased on DVD or Blu-Ray. I would love to own each of these ten old Disney live-action films on factory pressed discs. Stormy, the Thoroughbred (1954) Cow Dog (1956) Alaskan Sled Dog (1957) Niok (1957) The Wetback Hound...
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    Unreleased Disney Movies & TV

    Amazingly, none of these titles have ever been released by Disney on DVD or Blu-Ray. I would love to own such a significant amount of these Disney titles on factory pressed discs. Song of the South (1946) The Horsemasters (1961) Mooncussers (1962) Sancho, the Homing Steer (1962) The Prince and...
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    What's the last TV DVD/Blu-ray you bought?

    Bearcats! (The Complete Television Series) Blue Thunder (The Complete Series) Coronado 9 (The Complete Series) State Trooper (The Complete Series) The Munsters (Seasons 1 and 2) The Oregon Trail (The Complete Series) The Untouchables [1959-1963], (Seasons 1, 2, 3 and 4) The Wild, Wild West...