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    What's the most you've spent on a music disc?

    $20 for a single CD, $50 for a vinyl LP. Wouldn't pay more than that for anything.
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    Coen Brothers Collection, 08/30/11 ?

    The Hudsucker Proxy really deserves a new transfer, such a beautifully crafted film yet the DVD doesn't look much better than the VHS.
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    Impedence causing Overload

    I would get an impedance matching box, it may be that the impedance is so high with them wired in series that you are having trouble getting enough power to the speakers to drive them properly. Especially considering that they are outdoor speakers and you are losing so much SPL due it being...
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    Best way to set up audio

    If everything is going through the receiver and then just one HDMI out to the TV then you do have to switch receiver inputs, but you don't have to switch the TV inputs. Personally I think that this solution is just as easy as going through the TV and you will be guaranteed that the receiver...
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    Subwoofer cable

    If you don't think you are getting enough out of the sub there's certainly no harm in bumping up the sub channel level a few dB. I have heard from folks that the Pioneer SC series don't have as much subwoofer channel output as some other receivers.
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    Yet another subwoofer placement question

    I'm a big believer in the "bass crawl" method of sub placement myself.
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    Direct or Bi/Dipole for surrounds?

    Personally I'm a big fan of the non-directional sound that you get from a bipole/dipole speaker in terms of surround effects. With less direct sound I feel like I'm really immersed in the action rather than being able to tell that the sound is coming from the speaker as is often the case with a...
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    Have everything picked out for my new home theater but need hlep picking a receiver

    The latest generation of Marantz receivers, like the 5005, will allow you to set individual crossover points for each speaker.
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    Hardware Review foxL Personal Audiophile Loudspeaker Review

    I have the bluetooth version and use it as an ipod speaker when I am traveling or camping. It definitely provides an impressive amount of quality sound from such a small speaker, especially in the bass department. It also works fairly well as a cell phone speaker, although it can pick up...
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    Wow, that actually doesn't look half bad.
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    Record Store Day is TODAY, April 16, 2011!

    I suppose it's worth a shot, but I have a feeling that they are all gone, since they were only 2000 of them.
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    Record Store Day is TODAY, April 16, 2011!

    I'm ISO the Phish Two Soundchecks 7" if anyone grabbed an extra copy, thanks!
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    Rear surround versus high front speakers

    With more true 7.1 sources coming down the pike I would go that route. Height effects will remain matrixed for a while, at least I haven't heard of any plans to implement them in any theatrical mixes.
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    "Source Code" starring Jake Gyllenhaal

    I definitely want to see this, there just aren't many smart sci-fi films these days, although Moon certainly falls into that category. Now I just need to convince the wife that she wants to see it too. . .
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    I think I have a problem.. Yamaha rx-v567

    If you aren't using the 6 ohm setting already you might try that, it could be that the speakers are drawing more power than the receiver can dish out and it is going into protection mode to avoid overheating. Setting it to 6 ohms will limit the power to the speakers and could take care of it.