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    Win a copy of Jupiter Ascending on Blu-ray!

    Milla Jovovich of course
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    Ginormous Private Residence Swimming Pool

    I don't know who's good in your area but get a good deck and BBQ pit :-)
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    Closed - Win an Axiom Audio Epic Grand Master Home Theater System or $2242 in Credit!

    Username: Henry Carmona # of Posts:1301 Current Speakers: PSB 5t and 4t (old) Why I Want To Win: I'm just a husband and Father who deserves a nice, loud, HT to escape from all the stress :-) Bonus entries: Liked HTF on Facebook (check) Uploaded Gallery Images ( ) - Paste link here Complete...
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    WTB - Tweeter For PSB 4T

    Good to finally see some replies :) I still havnt gotten around to replacing these tweeters. Thanks for the shopping tips and the hint about the resister. I may try that.
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    WTB - Tweeter For PSB 4T

    My old 4T tweeter went out and so i thought id ask if anyone had a replacement, maybe an old 4T or similar that isnt working but has a good tweeter. Tweeter has PN in back: 945010 TW1-2AN/P Its circular with 4 screw holes Thanks [email protected]
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    Seeking Advice From A Real Estate Lawyer

    Fiance's stepfather and his mother are trying to do a "good deed" and sell off my fiance's late mother's home in Minnesota for her and her brothers. Something seems a bit fishy though and i have some questions.
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    Conquer Cancer Home Theater Forum Team

    Just wanted to give a bump for an important cause.
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    Ginormous Private Residence Swimming Pool

    Largest Home owner pool
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    Conquer Cancer Home Theater Forum Team

    Hello all Some of you may remember a while back i started a United Devices Cancer Research Team with the blessing of Parker and Ronald. We had a fair number of Home Theater Forum members sign up and donate free PC time for this great cause. That program has ended and the results are...
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    *** Official SEVEN POUNDS Discussion Thread

    WOW! I loved this movie! The slow pace was interesting and very much the kind of story i like to see unfold. I have never been so emotionally touched as i was watching this movie. Superb!
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    William Friedkin's 2006 film Bug

    I MUST agree with Ryan, this movie was TERRIBLE! What a waste of time and $3.50 for the rental! I can appreciate acting, even in bad flicks. Heck, give Judd an Academy Award for acting dumb if you like but this movie sucked big ones!
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    Home Theater Forum Cancer Research Team

    BREAKING NEWS: GRID.ORG MISSION COMPLETE On Friday, April 27, 2007, Grid.org announced it has completed its mission to demonstrate the viability and benefits of large-scale Internet-based grid computing, and will be retiring its famous efforts to support critical health research. Grid.org was...
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    The Host (Gwoemul) ??

    Couldnt find anything about this movie other than its very limited release :frowning: Does anyone have any info? I even saw a DVD set online (region 3) for sale. Is this thing already on DVD for US release? Is there going to be a wider release in theaters? Did i miss the boat, lol :)
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    Home Theater Forum Cancer Research Team

    Its been a long time, heres a bump :)
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    Your mugshot...

    I wanted to compete with Holadem but this is the closest i could find to a mean look, lol.