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    Training Day: Super 35 or Panavision?

    It could be shot with both lenses. Swordfish was both Super35 and anamorphic for example.
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    Is it safe? - A Clerks animated reference question

    It puts the lotion on its skin or else it gets the hose again. uxm It does this whenever it's told. Shut up! Is it safe? Andrew cracked the code. I'm done with this thread and back again!
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    Pssstt.... I think its dead.

    Is it safe?
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    How is "White Men Can't Jump" on DVD?

    This indeed a great looking DVD. With only two 2.0 tracks and practically no extras spread across 2 layers the average video bit rate is consistently over 7 megs a second. The audio was also a pleasant surprise.
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    I'm outta here!

    My first thread in ages and sadly a sad one. Life moves on and my priorities right now need to be put elsewhere. Trying hard to get my own little apartment (wish me luck ) and to get my band recognized (wish me luck on that one also ). Been a member for a little over 2 years and have had a...
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    Was an expensive Tuesday yesterday

    Just the way the studios want it...
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    Problem with Fog, has anyone else...

    I'm betting John has a Sony DVD player as do I. The problem is with the player and I have the same issues with all Fox titles if I go thru all the subtitles and then go back to have them off the french subtitle track is still active. AND since Fox includes french audio tracks the french...