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    ‘Avatar 2’ Renews Push for 3D Format in Movie Theaters

    Industry needs a new marketing argument after 4k to sell new TVs. It could be either 8k or 4k/3D. IMO the latter offers more of a distinction and advantage for most people. Especially since screen sizes have increased which makes for a better 3D experience. Therefore I would expect a possible...
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    What is your favorite Apple Product...and why?

    My iPadAir. Since I own no smart phone or laptop, it fulfills both functions for me (not 100%, but close enough).
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    Star Trek films on Blu-Ray... what we know so far

    Older Movies I have watched with my now 15 year old son during the last 3 years: 2001 Space odyssey, Back to the future 1-3, Jaws 1, Jurassic Park 1, Indiana Jones, Die Hard 1, North by Northwest, Star Trek 2-4 and 6 etc. And he liked them all.
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    Amazing -- Apple TV makes up over 50% of streaming devices

    I use it all the time, mostly to access my music/photos/movies which are on my macmini a floor above. This allows listening to lossless music on my main Stereo (with Remote App) and watching slide shows of my photos and home movies on the projector. Much more comfortable than fiddling with...
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    syncing / or adding photos from PC then downloading to ipad

    If you want to avoid iTunes, there are several apps, some of them free, for the iPad that allow simple file transfer via Wifi, e.g. Phonedrive. This is, how I do it.
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    Spielberg's LINCOLN with Daniel Day-Lewis, November 16

    You forgot Best Music - John Williams!
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    Marantz Av7005 AND mm7055 amp VS Rotel RSP-1572 AV Processor with RMB-1575

    Re EQ: I can only report that almost everyone who compared Audyssey and ARC preferred the latter, especially for music. It is rather more comparable to Audyssey Pro, since the calculations are performed one a computer, not inside the receiver, and you can tweak much more to your preferences.
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    Marantz Av7005 AND mm7055 amp VS Rotel RSP-1572 AV Processor with RMB-1575

    The Anthem mrx does not have any special mp3 treatment that I am aware of. On the other hand mp3 may still sound better due to other factors. Video processing is described by reviews as adequate; I do not use it (Oppo 93 upscales DVD)
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    Marantz Av7005 AND mm7055 amp VS Rotel RSP-1572 AV Processor with RMB-1575

    I recommend the Anthem mrx receiver line due to its exceptional room correction system ARC. You could use the mrx 300 (smallest) as a prepro together with external amp, or try the mrx 700 with much stronger internal amplification which will suffice under almost all normal circumstances. I...
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    Dear Disney, please restore controversial scenes in upcoming Fantasia Platinum DVD/BD

    I also would love to have the Kostal Soundtrack as an alternative.
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    Top ten movies for the home collection

    1) Lawrence of Arabia 2) Schindlers List 3) The Godfather 4) The Shawshank Redemption 5) North by Northwest 6) 2001 7) Once Upon a Time in the West 8) Some like it hot 9) Wall-E 10) LOTR Trilogy
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    Is there any way to enjoy my large concert DVD collection on my MP3?

    Has your MP3 player a line in input? Then the easiest way is to just let the DVD play with the MP3 player connected via line in, and record. I have the iAudio F2 and it does that wonderfully. This way I record DVD commentaries to listen to on trips.
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    2009 at the Box Office

    Unfortunately, the international run was not enough for a sequel to "The Golden Compass" to be greelit. Is there any hope at all?