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    Breaking Bad Season 3

    Yeah, Gus did not build a state of the art facility and leave out surveillance, would he? Jesse is a dam waiting to break and take everyone with him. Great show. I am still amazed at how much tension they can produce in such a minimalistic manner. So very different from say 24.
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    24: Season Eight

    Exactly my feelings. Time to put it in his friend's computer and get it to the journalist leaves plenty of time for it to go viral on the internets.
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    Free Comic Book Day - Saturday, May 1st!

    We gave out almost all the seventeen thousand Free Comic Day Comics we bought. Yeah, we have to purchase them. Great fun, lots of artists and creators ( indy folks ) and a huge cast of costumed characters. Families drove a hundred miles to participate. I'd say it was a rollicking success...
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    20-year old Boston Acoustic A60's, throw out or get new drivers?

    I'm in the same boat with my Genisis 44's from the Mid Eighties. The passive drives and the wooferss have all rotted away. The tweets seem fine though. I so loved them for the better part of twenty years that I want to recone and refoam them. I'd recone your Bostons since you like the...
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    DVD Review HTF DVD REVIEW: The Three Stooges Collection Vol. 6: 1949-1951

    WOW. Sony is on schedule and staying consistent in their dealings with these gems. So good to see this. Now when will they be available in Blu Ray?? Oh, I'm buying this set any way though, you betchya!
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    Battlestar Galactica "Complete" BluRay Series Missing Extras?

    Well they can be found at various conventions where fans gather and the non-inclusion will just make things like that happen more.
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    What is your favorite You Tube video?

    This one always makes me smile. Christian Ska, cheesy lyrics, happy zealots, it's got it all. Very catch and fun. YouTube - Christian Ska Band Sonseed
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    When are We going to see a Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea Blu-ray Release?!

    Oh my, They are not up to today's standards for sure. Kinda like the Xena box sets which I cringe looking at on my 60" display. I do have the Lost in Space sets and have only viewed the B&W first season which I thought was fine enough, but that was on the smaller 43" set. Perhaps a clean up...
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    When are We going to see a Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea Blu-ray Release?!

    A little off topic, but since you brought it up, What's wrong with the DVD releases of Lost In Space? I've done some searches and gleaned nothing other than the usual pickyness on certain episodes? Were they time compressed or some such?
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    Another one: 'Alien' prepares to be rebooted

    Well I sure hope they keep Mark Wahlberg out of it. He single handedly ruined any good that may have been in the Planet Of The Apes "Reboot". Plus the script sucked
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    WHV Press Release: Third Watch: The Complete Second Season

    I enjoyed the series on Television some years back, but not enough to buy the set at anywhere near the list price. I guess in a few years what remains of the series will be found in the bargain bins at BJs and friends for $10-$20.00.
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    WHV Press Release: Watchmen: Director's Cut (DVD/Blu-ray)

    Good point, though with Alexander there were more bankable larger named actors involved. But I'm hoping for the trio of releases as well. For that reason alone I will be supporting the Director's cut. If that's all we ever get, so Be it.
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    TCFHE Press Release: The Day The Earth Stood Still (2008) (DVD/Blu-ray)

    I got a used copy of the remake for $1.50 on DVD. For that price I'll watch it.
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    Max Fleischer’s Superman 1941-1942 – Very Disappointing!

    Thanks. I was thinking of upgrading from my older DVD which really looked not much better than some of my VHS copies. I may get this set, but you would think with the quality seen via Popeye and even some of the Woody Woodpecker sets, that these companies would be putting out better products...
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    Three Stooges Coll. Vol. 6 1949-1951, June 16

    Yeah, I actually enjoyed the Mel Gibson helmed Stooge-TV-Biopic when it aired. I taped it onto SVHS and put it on DVD so you know I mean it. Perfect, no, but sincere in what it tried to do. It was great fun seeing Chiklis as Curly. It ended with them coming out on stage in a live show to...