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    Need Help Again! With AT&T Digital Cable Box

    a) I waited a year for a box from ATT Broadband with the S-VHS and digital audio connections. I just stopped by my local cable office once a month or so and asked. Finally, last week, I got lucky and traded in by digital box for one with S-VHS output, coax digital out, and optical out. The lady...
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    Calibration Questions

    The 4 dB "error" on the Radio Shack meter is not just a myth. In their instructions to recording engineers setting levels in a Dolby Digital mixing studio with an SPL meter, Dolby recommends setting the subwoofer level so that it reads 4 dB low on the meter -- i.e. if you are aiming for a 75dB...
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    different channel levels for DD/DTS

    On the original question between Dolby Digital and DTS: It is quite common for DTS recordings to be 4 dB louder than Dolby Digital. The most likely explanation is that Dolby's dialog normalization feature reduces the level of any recording that used the default setting when encoded. DTS does...
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    Pioneer VSX-D810S vs. Yamaha RX-V730

    >> I am starting to feel that the Yamaha is the safer buy as it will probably perform better, last longer and have more features. But is all of this worth doubling the price from 400 to 800 Canadian dollars? No. The Yamaha is probably a little better receiver than the Pioneer. But, it will be...
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    Is 80 watts/channel enough for my HT(Yamaha RX-V1200)?

    As long as you run all the speakers as SMALL with the hi-pass crossover and don't try to play movies at full Dolby reference levels, you should be fine. Normal, fairly loud, movie playback at 6 to 10 dB below Dolby reference levels can be achieved without to much sweat by 50 to 75 watts a...
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    I have a receiver with a fixed 100 hx crossover and I want an adjustable one instead.

    Heh, heh. I'd lose the $100 bet, too! Years ago when I peddled hi-fi, I used to laugh at all the people I sold Soundcraftsman and MXR equalizers to. They'd come back in and tell me how they boosted 3000 hz or whatever. They didn't anymore know what 3000 hz sounded like than the man in the...