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    FS: PT-AE3000U - perfect condition, 60 hrs

    so sorry, I had to sell this via ebay so no longer available! forgot to check this post
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    A Few Words About A few words about...™ Amadeus -- in Blu-ray

    Amadeus is the most disappointing blu-ray / HD experience I've had. For a film of this magnitude, I am hoping they offer some kind of trade-in option. I'd rather have a great HD release of Amadeus than maybe any other movie, because to me it represents the pinnacle of what film and drama can...
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    The Last Emperor on Blu-ray

    This is too bad, they really should include both versions so the original theatrical presentation is an option, especially if they're not including the TV cut.
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    Will Woody Allen's movies ever make HD?

    I know I would probably pick up 90 % of them if they made HD, however I read somewhere that the transfers of them aren't in good condition and he has no interest in revisiting / remastering them, which is why the DVD transfers were fairly uneven. Do you think they will ever be brought out?
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    Dirty Harry: Ultimate Collection Edition?

    Was excited about these haven't watched them yet but I'm sure they look great. The packaging however is disappointing, it is an inch and a half taller than a blu-ray case, so looks abnormal on the shelf. Its thickness is also unnecessarily padded. Finally the packaging is very cheap material...
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    Panasonic AE2000U -- how big can it project?

    I have the AE2000U, it gives an excellent an excellent picture ... we bought a 100 " screen and it fills it up fine without losing any quality. However we could probably go even bigger on our wall / room. I am just wondering how big a blu-ray source can blow-up before losing information? It...
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    HTF BD REVIEW: Predator

    Being mainly concerned with picture quality I will probably check out a couple other reviews before deciding... maybe it will take a few years for them to re-release this, though perhaps the reviewer is right and Predator is already as good as it will look.
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    Viewing distance question -1080 projection from 11 feet

    My room is 11 feet across and I imagine we'll be viewing from around 8 feet away... We ordered a 1080p projector as well as a 106" screen... though just measuring, it seems 106" might be too big (though it will fit fine on the wall). Is it distracting to project smaller onto a larger screen? I...
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    Best 1080p projector for my budget? (2-3K)

    Thanks for all the tips! Just went for the Panasonic, now I am just trying to figure out viewing distance info.
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    WTB: PT-AE2000U projector

    Looking to buy an PT-AE2000U 1080p HD projector, PM me if you have one you might sell -- thought I'd hit the used market in case anyone's looking to sell theirs to upgrade or for any reason. Let me know your price as well, don't want to pay full 'new' price, more like $2,200-$2,400 thanks!
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    Best 1080p projector for my budget? (2-3K)

    Thanks, looks like the AE2000 is good for me... are projectors better than HD LCTV screens? I am deciding if I should get the Samsung LNT4665 46" HD LCD or this projector
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    Best 1080p projector for my budget? (2-3K)

    Looking for the best 1080P projector for my budget, probably can't go any higher, so if there are any excellent projectors in that range available yet, I would like to hear about them, thanks for any help!
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    FS: A3 HD-DVD player

    I'm open to offer as well!
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    FS: A3 HD-DVD player

    I'm selling a brand new A3 HD-DVD player, it was opened only to check the contents. It comes with the original box as well as Bourne Identity, 300, and Batman Begins. This HD player has not been fulfilled with the 5 free HD-DVDs rebate. If interested, please PM me, I'd sell for $175 shipped.
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    will 1080i look the same as 1080p on this set-up?

    I am buying this 46" 1080p TV: http://www.amazon.com/Samsung-LNT466...4308236&sr=1-1 With the A2 HD-DVD player + HDMI cable, will my HD-DVDs look just as 1080p? Or will I be missing out?