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    Looking for Advice on Ripping my CD Collection

    What method will you be using to rip your CDs?
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    Nickelodeon Dvds

    What? Sonds like the story of the ET game for Atari.
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    Nickelodeon Dvds

    This is an "old" thread but I'd like to ask: what about Nickelodeon Blu-rays? Do they even exist? I've been looking for some of their biggest hits but no luck really. My only options for HD seems to be iTunes Store. :emoji_postal_horn::(
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    Yeah but you can find that Exclusive VHS Retro Packaging Collector's Edition easily on Amazon and some other websites like the one you mentioned. So in the end, people looking to collect it got very lucky. I guess when a show is just too big, they will find other ways to make a buck.
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    They do however have some of their big hits on Blu-ray: OITNB and Stranger Things.
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    Not necessarily. The movie The Cult had an official Blu-ray release in Brazil by Imagem Filmes and it's on eBay. A bootleg of the same movie can also be found there but you can clearly tell by the cover art it's fake. Depending on the production, like The Cult, it's up to the producers to...
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    Physical Media might not be dead, but Physical Media in Retail Stores are accelerating the death

    Oh the old soundtrack issue... most of the time that is the main reason why so many shows are never released on home video (as most here probably already know). I haven't bothered re-watching Alias on Prime exactly because they changed the songs. Alias was in great part Alias because of its...
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    Physical Media might not be dead, but Physical Media in Retail Stores are accelerating the death

    That makes the OCD in me scream. Imagine opening the box and finding out that the device is defective. No way to get it replaced. If I've learned anything about the recent lawsuits that Apple has been facing is that Apple removed DRM from music like 15 years ago, but the same hasn't happened...
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    Physical Media might not be dead, but Physical Media in Retail Stores are accelerating the death

    Oh... the joy of having the doorman hand me a package that's just been delivered! And, oh... that horrible anxiety about opening the package to find out that my special edition BD boxset/magazine/book has dog ear, creases, crushed corners or some other BS due to poor handling or bad packaging...
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    Physical Media might not be dead, but Physical Media in Retail Stores are accelerating the death

    Yup! So crazy how so many titles got a VHS release but never saw the day when it came to DVD and other digital formats. Unfortunately some titles will just disappear. Im curious though: what type of VHS tapes you sell? Form your collection or are you talking about blank tapes? Just like I've...
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    General Discussion Farewell, Google Play Movies

    And that's exactly when I feel like that optical media is still the way to go about "owning" movies.
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    Blu Ray player with web browser?

    My Sony 3D BD player had one. But it was soooooo slow. I never used it besides for testing it when I got the device. The apps on that player were also slow when compared to my smart tv.
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    What do you do when you discover a disc issue?

    To borrow from your post, I also do not trust the quality of blank DVD-R/RW discs. I never had the unpleasant experience of having a professionally pressed CD/DVD/BD fail on me. But CD/DVD-Rs... oh my. I lost count.
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    Paramount+ The Good Fight - Season 5

    I LOVE this show. I have yet to watch seasons 3 and 4, but it's one of those shows that makes me feel lucky for having the chance to watch it. The Good Wife was also exquisite. So happy that CBS allowed it to run for as long as it did even tough it was never a ratings champ.
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    Letter to ViacomCBS About Old Short-Lived Shows

    What if they outsourced those transfers by allowing students of Film Preservation to work on them? Students fulfill their internship requirements, get a lil' pay, great credits for their resumes, and fans get the chance to buy the shows while studios have a new transfer in their vault.