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    UHD Review A Few Words About A few words about...™ Ran -- in 4k UHD

    Dang, I just tried to order a copy from Best Buy, but it was Store Pickup Only--no delivery. Is that a common thing with BB?
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    Custom Cover Blu-Ray Custom Cover art thread

    Beautiful work, as always, Fritz. Yes, it is horrifying and baffling why anyone signed off on that awful Photoshop "artwork."
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    Your thoughts on Kino-Lorber Blu-rays

    So with THE RAVEN, THE COMEDY OF TERRORS, THE TOMB OF LIGEIA, and THE LAST MAN ON EARTH getting recent KL announcements, will the other titles from Shout's Price Collection II be coming soon, too (DR. PHIBES RISES AGAIN, HOUSE ON HAUNTED HILL), I wonder? I omit RETURN OF THE FLY, as it's part of...
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    GREAT MOVIES from 1970-2000 still MIA on Blu-ray

    Would buy these in a heartbeat: The Secret of Roan Inish Mindwalk Cold Comfort Farm Enchanted April The Dish The Castle
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    Custom Cover Blu-Ray Custom Cover art thread

    Fritz, these are absolutely stunning--beautiful work!
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    The Legend Of Boggy Creek Coming to Blu-Ray in 2019!

    I'm anxiously awaiting my copy--should get here any day now. Curious to know if anyone here has received a copy, and your impressions?
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    The Legend Of Boggy Creek Coming to Blu-Ray in 2019!

    And it looks like pre-orders are being taken now here.
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    Criterion Wish Listing 2019

    In the spirit of Equinox, Night of the Living Dead, Carnival of Souls, The Blob, Fiend Without a Face, etc., I would dearly love to see Charles B. Pierce's The Legend of Boggy Creek get a Criterion release. Long available only in crappy cropped bootleg versions, it's currently undergoing a...
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    Criterion Releases for 2019-2020

    Best theory I've heard is La Vie de Jesus.
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    Blu-rays from 35mm print sources?

    There's not much to elaborate on--as I stated in my original post, I was curious. I heard of a film that might be getting a 4K scan from a pristine print, as no pre-print material can be found, and I just wondered if/when that had been done satisfactorily. As always, the knowledgeable folks on...
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    Blu-rays from 35mm print sources?

    Hi all, I figured if anyone could answer this, it would be the learned members of the HTF. I'm curious to know what blu-rays are commercially available that were sourced from scans of 35mm prints (as opposed to original negatives, or some intermediate step), and what is your opinion of the...
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    Night of the Living Dead (Mill Creek)

    I have seen the Janus Films release currently in release, and it looks & sounds fantastic--there's every reason to think Criterion will distribute it on Blu/DVD next year. And as far as I know, Janus/Criterion are the only ones actually compensating Image Ten (Romero's production company). My...
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    Custom Cover Blu-Ray Custom Cover art thread

    Fritz, I can honestly say the first of the two Superman III covers just above is better than the movie itself was. :laugh:
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    Borrowing from public library - DVD vs blu-ray

    They might not want all of them for the collection, but the ones they don't want usually get sold (like unneeded book donations), and the proceeds in turn support the library.
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    Bonus Features

    My favorite commentaries have been on some of the Kurosawa discs from Criterion. Besides providing the standard context, they often point out the things lost in translation--words or gestures or references that have a very specific meaning to a Japanese audience, but are completely lost on...