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    Onkyo HT-S3400 OR Yamaha YHT-495BL OR Denon DHT1312BA

    Which one would I choose? I would go with "none of the above". If you're not locked in to Best Buy I'd buy somethng else. If you want sub/sat system look at the Jamo A340PDD.3 http://www.vanns.com/shop/servlet/item/features/544726540/jamo-a340pdd-3?s_c=site_search Add the Denon 1611 receiver...
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    What's the last TV DVD/Blu-ray you bought?

    Friday Night Lights Season Three and 24 Season Seven this afternoon!
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    Friday Night Lights - Season 3 (NBC) - No DirecTV Spoilers!

    As far as the music subsititutions, I don't even notice the music on FNL. I can't ever recall saying to myself "the music is really good on this show, where can I find that song". I watched Season1&2 on NBC, Season 3 on DirecTV and own Seasons 1&2 on DVD. So the DirecTV, NBC and DVD music...
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    24: Season Seven

    yeah, I think Guarnere was in on it too!
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    Pioneer VSX-1014TX Power Issues

    There's a processor reset for that receiver. I cant remember which buttons to press off the top of my head. We had to reset my buddies VSX-1014 2-3 years ago, its been fine ever since. here it is: ENTER + VIDEO2 keys for 2 seconds on the front panel.
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    FM Antenna for Denon AVR?

    Dipole FM antenna Parts Express:FM Dipole Antenna Push on balun Parts Express:Push-On Balun
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    Friday Night Lights season 3 (DirecTV 101)

    This show is so great! Season 3 is definitely up there with Season 1. The Taylor's house buying decision seemed very realistic. Jason's expectations of getting a job were pretty naive but I could see him being offered an entry level one after getting the player to sign with agency. $40K is a lot...
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    Entourage: Season Five

    I didn't see that coming until Alan went into his fit of rage. The shroom episode was the worst one ever for me. I guess if I had done mind altering drugs I might have appreciated it more.
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    Friday Night Lights season 3 (DirecTV 101)

    They were looking at shrine the McCoy kid has and he's only a freshman. They even had plaques for just participating up there. They made some comment about that and then the kid walked in. Parents are just a bit overboard don't you think? He said something about "my parents even have my first...
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    Friday Night Lights season 3 (DirecTV 101)

    We had a freshman start midway thru the season at my school. He gave the team the best chance to win. So its not impossible.
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    Friday Night Lights season 3 (DirecTV 101)

    I watched the Friday Night Lights debut on DirecTV 101 last night. I didn't realize how much I miss this show! Still great writing and love the fact there are no commercials. A lot of things happened in the offseason. I thought Riggins should have graduated last year also. He and Jason...
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    Lost: Season Four

    How come noboby has mentioned that Michael could be one of the Oceanic 6? He could get off the island and then be in the casket at the funeral home later on.
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    reciever and optical not working!!!!!!

    Why not replace it with name brand receiver instead? You can get an Onkyo 304 for $99 shipped or less. And 10% off this weekend for St Patty's Day. Shop Onkyo sign up for Club Onkyo and the price goes down to $109. Then you get 10% off for the holiday sale and $10 off as a first time...
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    American Idol - Season 7

    It didn't sound to me like the kid HAD to be homeless, he WANTED to be homeless. Why didn't he just go home? His family didn't kick him out.
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    Friday Night Lights - Season 2 Thread

    I'm think Tami called her that too!