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    How do you spell Nero?

    Time for "The Omen: The Meters Running!" SAN FRANCISCO Evil seems to befall cab 666 -- driver seeks intervention Taxi commission to consider issuing a new medallion Steve Rubenstein, Chronicle Staff Writer Tuesday, July 24, 2007 The San Francisco Taxi Commission is set to decide...
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    Smashing Pumpkins "Zeitgeist" 7/10

    Pretty damning live review
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    Is there a French equivilant to "Now That's What I Call Music"?

    oui! Now that's what I call accordians too! (sorry)
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    Multi-Standard DVD player question

    I have the oppo 970 and it does a great job and is around $125 reburished from their site The PAL discs I have played looked as good as a NTSC disc unlike other players that Ive used good luck Grant
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    Zone 2 Audio over digital?

    Mike I was in a similiar Position with my Preamp so I ended up getting a switcher for the 2nd zone and used volume controls in the other rooms. I found a 8 input with digital & ethernet at BB for under $100 which works and good for video too Longest audio run ~125 ft or so and sounds good...
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    The Dreaded Scrolling Lines?

    Try wiggling it around, does it change? If it does put on a new connector or a new coax
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    Sony 400 disc changers? Any chance of DVD-Audio (or DPL II) any time soon?

    I have 2 DVD & 2 CD Changers and have never had a problem (knock on plastic) I believe the Pioneer 400s have DVDA Capability on the units. I saw has a great price on their new 400DVD unit $250 I think GRANT
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    Istanbul Electronics Store

    One of the reasons people fly to Dubai!
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    Interference and different connection types

    My DVD Changer in my Bedroom is over 40 ft away and I have a coax audio cable running to the front room preamp Standard Quad Shielded RG 6 with screw on RCA Adapters and it works great
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    Help me with Sony DVPCX995V please.

    That's strange and boy does it suck I have 2 different model changers and never heard of that Do you ever turn it off via the button on the unit instead of the remote? I've noticed when you use the button on the unit it sometimes kills it in the middle of a process and when it comes on it...
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    X10 Wireless Video Anyone?

    I have a couple cameras at my door to see who's there Works great since I installed them about 7 years ago. X10 uses AC wiring for your house so if you have multiple circuits or an aptment that has independant circuits you might have a little trouble but it's cheap and works great for the...
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    We have a pair of Chesky Terriers and I have to say they are as wonderful as they are cute. You might want to look into the breed Grant
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    Any region players question

    No complaints at all Plays everything I stuck into it so far including DVDAs that wouldn't play else where
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    Any region players question

    I noticed you are in the Bay Area. Their office is in Mountain View and you can pick it up and save on shipping if that's convienient. The refurb is a bargain and mine was flawless Good Luck Grant
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    Any region players question

    I have that unit and tried out Region 2 version of Salo and it looked great (Content Excluded should I say) with no PAL Speed UP that I could notice. I was surprised on how good the picture was Grant