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    Behringer Feedback Destroyer question

    Good luck Owen, I also have the BFD, Tempest and AVA250 combo. As Sonnie said, you can boost the low end a little. It depends on how much you push the sub. You'll get the hang of it. The Tempest can take a beating too. Have fun with it!
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    Am going to try a sealed DIY sub-HELP!

    Hi Eric, I dont think it is worth it to upgrade to an Atlas since you already have the Tempest. Try looking at some of the designs on the Adire Website. I have tried a few and recommend the EBS Tempest. Definitely go ported, IMO. And if you do, there is no need for an LT amp obviously...
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    BFD trouble-HELP

    Dont understand ground loop myself but you can get a "cheater plug" or an isolator from Radion Shack to avoid the problem.
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    Tweeter replacement cost? (Paradigm Monitor)

    All Paradigm drivers are designed in Canada at the Paradigm Advanced Research Center and ALL Paradigm drivers are made in Toronto. None of the drivers in the Monitor line are made or designed by Vifa. The Monitor V2 tweeters are about $70 CDN to replace, but you can also buy the diaphragm...
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    Extremis 6.8 MMT design help

    I appreciate that Dan. I do not recall seeing people bashing your products and apologize if ANY of my own comments have come across that way. I am a DW crew member and have learned a lot from you. :) I just wanted to let people reading this to know that this is Jon's design process for any...
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    Extremis 6.8 MMT design help

    I can only comment myself on the low frequency performance of the Extremis which has exceeded my expectations. There may be people out there who want the Extremis to fail, but Jon certainly isn't one of them, and I'm not implying anyone said he was. Just clarifying. The analyzing of this...
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    new IB response curve, uncorrected, no EQ

    Hi Rich, The IB looks good. I assume those are some Stryke drivers right? I cant really make out that graph. If you want to you can throw them into this Excel worksheet: http://www.snapbug.ws/subtestmodel.xls
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    First time speaker builder

    Well, IMO I think you should stick with one 6.5" You can mix drivers made from different materials, but the more drivers you have, the more complex things get both acoustically and electrically. Butterworths are popular, but the best crossover depends on the application. LR filters are...
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    What else can I do with my 2 Blueprint 1804s ?

    And if you can't do and IB or LT maybe an isobaric configuration might work.
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    First time speaker builder

    Depends. Two 8s in series as you know will produce a 16 ohm nominal load. This will be perfect for any receiver at low volumes because the current draw is low. The problem is that the maximum power available is now halved. The amp might clip the voltage signal when pushed.
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    BFD Comprehensive Setup Guide

    Thanks for the site and the help you have given me Sonnie. It is very appreciated as you could tell from the panic here when it shut down. :)
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    First time speaker builder

    Yes, or 16 ohm woofers in parallel of course but these are rarer.
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    What type of paint to use on cabinet?

    I used spray on and it turned out nice but it frickin stinks. I would think that the roll on would be better, especially considering the weather.
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    First time speaker builder

    We are in the same boat. I am going to start electrical or mechanical engineering in the fall and started learing this stuff for the same reasons as you. The D25 and P17 look like good choices because they have extended smooth frequency response which makes your job easier. I am sure you...
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    First time speaker builder

    $200 for drivers is pretty decent. Vifa does have a good reputation and they are very popular. Before you start to buy anything though read a couple of the books. The most important part of a speaker is the crossover, and finding the right drivers to use will help a lot.