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    American Graffiti Blu-ray DNR issues?

    German PAL DVD vs USA BLU-RAY (mouse over to compare) American Graffiti is one of my favourite films. One of the reasons that I love it is the way it was shot on my favourite format, 2-perf Techniscope at 2.35:1. For years I have hoped to see an original Technicolor dye-transfer print but they...
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    A Few Words About A few words about...™ The Caine Mutiny -- in Blu-ray

    Wasn't The Barefoot Contessa shot in 3-strip at 1.75:1 ?
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    Robert Harris on The Bits: The Alamo

    Y U NO restore film that is good/good.
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    A Few Words About A few words about...™ The Caine Mutiny -- in Blu-ray

    Robert Harris, do you still restore films?
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    John Carpenter movies on Blu-Ray

    Advice: Buy the new Dark Star DVD. Video quality is vastly improved considering it was shot in 16mm in 1974. Colors are vibrant now for one thing. I'm watching the long documentary on disc 2 now and it is excellent. However, the menu encoding seems screwy, ie. I had to monkey around to get to...
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    The Kremlin Letter (1970) DVD

    I know, Reg, it's disappointing to see Fox continue to overlook this eccentric Cold War thriller.
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    Bridge On The River Kwai on 11/2

        What are the implications of this new paradigm for film restoration? Could knowledge of how to properly handle vintage 16, 35, 65 and 70mm film elements of various types eventually be forgotten?  
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    "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest" coming to Blu-ray July 15

    Does the Canadian edition of the Ultimate Edition BLU-RAY have bilingual English/French packaging?
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    The Exorcist on Blu-Ray?

    "The Version You Don't Want" to See is comical. The spiderwalk scene is a lead balloon within the context of the film and what makes it worse is that Friedkin added CGI blood spewing from Regan's mouth when he put that clunker back in. The faux-subliminal images are inept and cheezy like...
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    Neil Young to release archive on BluRay disc

    The UK release was delayed by a week, so I should have my set within the next three days. I have the available reviews and it sounds like an audacious, exhaustive and ingenius piece of work. I have been a NY fan since 1998 (I was 18) when I bought Decade for £22 ($35) and never looked back. I...
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    William Friedkin's Sorcerer?

    Has anyone heard anything recently regarding the SE of Sorcerer?
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    A Few Words About A few words about...™ Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned... -- in Blu-ray

    The previous 2-disc SD transfer was far too dark, as the DVD Beaver comparison reveals. The BD may be a little too bright when viewed on my PC monitor when compared to my plasma TV which often seem to be the case. The cropping/framing on the BD is better. The original mono soundtrack really...
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    John Carpenter movies on Blu-Ray

    VCI are finally going to release a SE of Dark Star later this year: IMDb :: Boards :: Dark Star (1974) :: Calling all Dark Star fans!!! I spotted this last night after watching the UK DVD via online rental.
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    I have a lot of admiration for Waterloo (and War and Peace) and I have owned the UKR2 DVD for about five years. I bought it for £5 ($9). It's a DVD-5 (single layer) btw, though it is generally very good for a transfer made in 1999. But I'd love to see a Blu-ray. The main problem with the...
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    DVD Review HTF DVD REVIEW: Goodbye, Mr Chips (1969)

    O'Toole loved making this movie. He would have easily recorded a commentary for free, I'm sure.