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    The Love Boat???

    I thought that Love Boat was supposed to be on tap for 2006? Does anyone have an update on the status of this release?
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    Valley and Beyond The Valley Of The Dolls DVDS on June 13th See Post #23

    With this announcement, all of the titles on my wish list from the thread "What as yet unreleased catalogue titles would u like to see in 2003?" will have been released! Woohoo! Better Off Dead Beyond the Valley of the Dolls Boomerang The Brady Bunch Movie Ed Wood The Gay...
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    should Sony revisit Mad About You?

    I considered purchasing Mad About You, but after hearing about the poor quality and lack of extras, I decided to rent it instead. If they had a put a bit more effort into the season sets, maybe they would have sold better.
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    MST3K Volume 7 unveiled.....

    I requested a replacement disc on May 20th, and I emailed a follow up message on October 8th, but I still have not received it. I have been putting off watching the movie so that I can see the complete version. This is a long wait.
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    New "The Parent Trap" (1998) DVD?

    Is this the commentary from the laserdisc, or a new one?
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    New "The Parent Trap" (1998) DVD?

    There's a Special Edition of the remake of The Parent Trap available for preorder at Amazon and Deep Discount. The release date is 5/31/05. Does anyone what know what features it will have?
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    Moonlighting: The Series....November 2004

    I have a desire to watch Moonlighting tonight. It's a shame that I have to pull out the VHS tapes. I hope that this is coming to DVD soon!
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    Moonlighting: The Series....November 2004

    Is there any news about Moonlighting? I'm hoping that there will be an announcement soon. Is this still on the way?
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    Holy Flagpole... Fantoma does it again!

    Thanks for posting this. I've been waiting for more volumes of this great series!
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    Star Trek V DVD street date / extras???

    I'm a Star Trek fan, have the films on DVD as well as all 40 TOS discs. But Star Trek V is where I draw the line. It was the only Star Trek movie that I did not purchase on the original release, and I will not purchase the new special edition. I just never liked the movie. However, a new...
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    Remo Williams DVD - MGM screws up BIG TIME!

    As far as I'm concerned, the worst thing that a studio can do with their DVD product is release a film in MAR only. When I got my first DVD player the main benefit I was looking for was the ability to view my favorite films in widescreen. I could never afford laserdiscs, and I hated that VHS...
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    Star Trek - Nemesis

    Why does this release not include a text trivia track? That feature is the main reason that I have repurchased Treks 2, 3 and 4. Is there a better DVD edition of Nemesis waiting in the wings?
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    Woody Allen's WHAT'S UP TIGER LILY DVD coming in July!

    Has anyone found this title available for preorder yet?
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    Where's "Moonlighting" episodes on DVD?

    The pilot episode certainly wasn't one of the best. Now that TV on DVD has taken off, I hope that Anchor Bay will consider releasing the first season.
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    Any hope of Fox releasing Remington Steele??

    Please, please, please! My old videotapes from the 80's look terrible.