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    Sony A90J 2021 OLED buyers and owners thread

    :thumbsup: Looks good Robert. One of those 65" has my name on it.
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    Amazon Prime Detectorists without ads

    AcornTV has all 3 seasons if you subscribe to that streaming service.
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    General Discussion Streaming Frustrations

    Our Roku 3 does not have profiles, but our new Roku Ultra does. On the other hand, some SD 4:3 TV shows I ripped from DVDs to a USB stick and play with the Roku Media Player app appear correctly on screen with the Roku 3, with black side bars. But the same files are stretched to fill the screen...
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    General Discussion Digital Movie/TV Deals

    Does anyone have and can comment on the iTunes version of Out of Africa? I never upgraded my DVD to Blu-ray. The 2010 Blu-ray was supposedly very bad, but the 2012 was a significant improvement, based on the reviews. I just wonder what the digital version is like. On sale now for $4.99.
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    General Discussion Digital Movie/TV Deals

    I ordered the $100 Apple card from BestBuy.com Wednesday morning using the page that has the offer clearly explained. I got the Apple digital code email within a half hour. But neither the checkout page nor the email said anything about the bonus BestBuy GC, which was a little disconcerting, and...
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    LG offers $1,200 Labor Day discount on 77-inch OLED TV

    If I wanted to buy this weekend I'd want to support Value, and probably get the calibration from them. But the sale supposedly was going to end yesterday, so I was just pointing out the price discrepancy. So back off Sam. Jeez yourself.
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    LG offers $1,200 Labor Day discount on 77-inch OLED TV

    Definitely my thought, but I notice that the valueelectronics.com website shows a sale price of $3997, whereas it's $200 less everywhere else. This offer is tempting but my timeline was more for Black Friday. So hopefully prices like this (or lower! :) ) will be around then.
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    Can I Subscribe to TCM?

    I ditched Comcast cable TV in Dec in favor of YouTubeTV, largely for cost reasons, but also because of their moving of TCM to the higher tier. I've been happy with it. I will note that a few movies on TCM are "not available for streaming" - not very many, just some random titles show up that...
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    Some Apple TV+ shows streamed free for a limited time

    I've watched the first 3 episodes of For All Mankind on my Roku, via the tv app, one each day. If you tend to like dramas about the NASA space program this is pretty well done, IMO. With an "alternate history" twist.
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    General Discussion Digital Movie/TV Deals

    Home Theater Forum. Pioneering online communication and social distancing since 1997. :)
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    Win a copy of The Ten Commandments Special Edition Blu-ray Digibook

    It's been awhile. Time to watch it again.
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    General Discussion Digital Movie/TV Deals

    Isn't the iTunes M*A*S*H also cropped to widescreen? I think I've read comments that it's well done, and HD would be nice, but some would object to not having the OAR option. I have the DVDs and always preferred to turn off the laugh track. The show had enough natural humor and timing to not...
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    IMDb Streaming Service (I mean, srsly?)

    Been watching Columbo and The Rockford Files on IMDB via Amazon Prime. I'm not a big fan of the ad breaks, especially because they can be extremely repetitive and a bit too frequent as the program goes on. But if there is no ad-free streaming option it's still nice to have an option other than...