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    Broadcast TV The Flash - season 7 (The CW)

    i don’t blame Dominic Purcell from leaving as he has been severely underused in Legends and even then his character just seems to be a caricature of his former self. What is it with these awful writers?
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    Broadcast TV The Flash - season 7 (The CW)

    I will be really sorry to see them go. Tom Cavanagh’s acting always seemed to be better that the drivel he has been given to perform. Carlos Valdez will also be greatly missed as his character has been the most consistently good throughout the whole run.
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    Man and Girl from U.N.C.L.E. on Amazon Prime

    I have the Time Life set of Man from UNCLE. I did start to watch Girl but thought it was awful.
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    Broadcast TV The Flash - season 7 (The CW)

    The Flash was a series I used to watch as soon as it was on. Now I can barely stand it and the latest episode was such nonsensical trash that I skipped a huge chunk of it. I really feel sorry for the actors who are actually good having to perform the material they are given. The entire...
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    The Blacklist - Season 5

    This was an exceptional episode; funny, well written and acted superbly by James Spader. I am sure that Clark Middleton’s family would have been pleased.
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    Question about "The Avengers" TV series

    Network seem to have given up on their ITC (The Saint, Danger Man, The Champions), New Avengers of Gerry Anderson stuff as it is well over a year since they released anything of this type.
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    Babylon 5 coming to blu-ray?

    Hopefully this looks good for the BluRay release.
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    Paramount+ Star Trek: Discovery - Official Thread

    The problem I have with the show is that apart from the entire crew behaving like high school children there is no way any of them should be Starfleet officers. As I am currently watching Voyager there is just no way to compare them to Janeway’s crew. Discovery isn’t a real ship either when...
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    Blu-ray Review Mission: Impossible: The Original TV Series Blu-ray Review

    I’ve played my MKV version of the episode rather than actual BluRay disc and yes it does go to black at 22:59 for a couple of seconds for the commercial break. Nothing happens at 26:16.
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    Disney+ The Mandalorian

    Really excellent
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    Babylon 5 coming to blu-ray?

    I have already bought the series on Prime and although i’d buy an actual remastered version on BluRay not if it is from the same source. They do seem to be better than the version on DVD though.
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    Babylon 5 coming to blu-ray?

    If this is true I think it would seriously backfire. I would buy a proper BluRay in a second but not bother if it is just a BluRay version of what is on Prime or iTunes.
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    Star Trek DS9 on Blu-Ray -- Remain Ever Hopeful Thread

    I’d be in for that too.
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    Paramount+ Star Trek: Discovery - Official Thread

    I’m sorry but this show is awful I laughed when Saru made Tilly his acting no. 1. I wasn’t really surprised but considering the uselessness of the entire crew and their inability to any way or shape behave like Starfleet officers I suppose it makes sense. Perhaps Janeway should have promoted...
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    CBS Series DVD's and possible Blu Revisits

    I wish they’d do The High Chaparral. The DVDs look pretty good but in HD it would be exceptional.