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    TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE Re-release specs!!!

    In comparing the scene at the beginning of the movie, Franklin's pee break and rolling down the hill, the old DVD exhibits several lines of damage that were clean on the LD. The new DVD doesn't show the same damage in this scene and appears the same as the LD. However, the new DVD looks darker...
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    TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE Re-release specs!!!

    I'm confused, too. I thought the new release was just a repackaging of the old Pioneer disc. But when I compared the house-to-moon disolve on the new DVD to the old one, it is different; the new DVD of that particular shot matches the the Elite LD, not the initial Pioneer release. The UK DVD...
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    TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE Re-release specs!!!

    Yes, on the Pioneer re-release there is definitely a fade from the house to the moon and not the jumpy cut during this transition as on Pioneer's first DVD release. The discs are not identical, somebody did some work here--if only that much. It's still a disappointing DVD--especially considering...
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    Need Help Finding Monty Python Episode...

    I don't know which disc it's on, but the sketch appears in episode eleven of the first series. -Jerry
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    Beavis & Butthead History dvd Cancelled?!?....

    I'm hoping the Time-Life set will be better, too. All the fuss and the Paramount collection, I agree, is disappointing. A history of B & B-H and yet there's no "Frog Baseball." How did that happen? With the best episodes of the series not included and a collection that could have fit on one...
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    I'm on the Fence about Fraility

    I did. I hated the film. -Jerry
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    I'm on the Fence about Fraility

    If you're not religious you might want to stay away from this one, too. I'm an atheist and I absolutely hated the movie. -Jerry
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    What are your favorite "Backstory" episodes on AMC?

    Vickie, here are some more episodes I've seen for your list: All About Eve Anastasia Bus Stop Day the Earth Stood Still, The Hush... Hush, Sweet Charlotte Longest Day, The Myra Breckinridge Norma Rae There may be more, but I can't think of them. -Jerry
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    I watched the film last night. I didn't care for it nearly as much as you seem to, but it did interest me enough to want to go back and watch it with the director/actor commentary. I liked Jeremy Renner in the film, but I think that has less to do with his performance as Dahmer than the fact...
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    Witchblade fans- Do they exist?

    Yes, we exist. And we're looking forward to the second season starting next Sunday night. -Jerry
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    The Tony Awards on CBS -- maybe the last year?

    Michael, not only do we agree about ELAINE STRITCH and THE GOAT, but we agree about NOISES OFF, too. It's the funniest play I've ever seen and the revival is wonderful. I was as pleased as I was surprised to see Kinneran take home the Tony; she was hysterical. -Jerry
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    The Tony Awards on CBS -- maybe the last year?

    I wouldn't object to two numbers from each nominated musical. Though, I'd prefer one longer number from each--the INTO THE WOODS medley was interesting, but I would rather see one number presented in context (perhaps the entire opening number). And I'd have liked the OKLAHOMA! number better if...
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    The Tony Awards on CBS -- maybe the last year?

    I'd much rather see the whole thing on PBS than CBS. Perhaps without the frequent commercial interruption we could have heard Elaine Stritch's entire acceptance speech, which was the most interesting speech of the evening. Conversely, since the entire awards show is little more than a...
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    1776 - Director's Cut coming on July 2nd.

    Each time I find my opinion of Hunt softening and I reconsider purchase of this disc when it's released, the "deal" gets more and more sour. With the complete exclusion of the deleted scenes even as a supplement, I definitely will not buy this DVD. Hunt can keep his director's cut; I no longer...
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    *** Official "FRAILTY" Review Thread

    You're not crazy, Richard. FRAILTY was every bit as awful as you suggest. It was preposterous and predictable. The plot twists were telegraphed and forced. I can't think of anything I liked or admired about this movie--the story, the dialogue, the performances, the direction--all abysmal. And...