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    Latest Tangband project

    Just wanted to say I heard Tim's speakers at the meet last weekend. They sounded great and would seem to have provide a terrific bang for the buck. Not to mention those little drivers look damn sexy!
  2. George W

    NWWA DIY Audio Meet 2004

    If you think the screws weigh more than the wood, then I'll let you carry them next time ;) Seriously thanks for hosting this at your offices and doing the raffle. Also the presentations on driver design and speaker re-coning were very informative. I had a blast! George
  3. George W

    Gimme your vote -- choose my legs

    I vote for B from an aesthetic perspective. Also you could check out the rubber feet from Acoustic Visions. I got to see some in person today and they look better than I thought they would.
  4. George W

    Sealed Tumults - dual subs

    hmmm....some food for thought. Thanks Brian, George
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    Sealed Tumults - dual subs

    hello Brian, I too have built some Rhythms and I'm very pleased with the sound. One thing I have noticed is that the bass from these speakers is exactly what I'm looking for in terms of a balance between music and HT. It follows then that my ideal subwoofer would have the same sound as my...
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    Just finished DVD storage Cabinet !!!

    That looks great! You will have plenty of room for your expanding collection. Just curious, but how did you frost the glass? George
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    DIY Amplifier

    Seems that it does Mike, I would take a look at Aspen amplifiers. You can find their forum here: http://www.audiocircle.com/circles/v...b7e8f82386f468 I can not vouch for them directly as I have not yet had time to build my kit, but I have yet to hear any negative comments about them. You might...
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    where to find fsv Glue

    I'm glad this topic came up, because I hadn't heard of fsv before. Sounds like a good alternative for contact cement that doesn't require a press. Let us know how your project turns out. George
  9. George W

    Invitation to Seattle area DIYers

    Thanks John. I would love to hear your setup but it might be a few weeks before I have enough free time to spare. I will PM you when things slow down a bit.
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    Invitation to Seattle area DIYers

    John, Thanks for the pictures. Dust blobs or not, it looks like your speakers turned out great; congrats! I considered adding a plinth as well but since my current couch sits so low I decided against it for now, just a bit of tilt does the trick. Yes I would love to get your opinion as to how...
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    Invitation to Seattle area DIYers

    John, Northcreek has been changing their offerings lately as they've started using some tweeters of their own design. I ordered a pair of Rhythm values but George recommended their new D28 tweeter over the 9500 so I went with that. With their new offerings I believe what I ordered would be...
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    Invitation to Seattle area DIYers

    This is a great idea! I've just signed up and I'll be bringing along my newly completed North Creek Rhythm speakers.
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    Cleaning scuff marks on rubber surrounds...

    water has always worked fine for me, but I usually only use it for removing mdf dust.
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    45 degree 3/4" carbide height chamfer bit

    Thanks Jeff, You just saved me $10, I will get the whiteside bit. George
  15. George W

    45 degree 3/4" carbide height chamfer bit

    Hey Dan, I do have access to a table saw but it is very inacurate and our efforts at recalibrating it have always ended in failure. I don't want to risk having the chamfers being uneven on my cabinet so I am going to use a bit for now. Thanks for the tip though, George