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    Choices on replacement display

    Hi, recently my 54" Panny plasma quit functioning properly and, paying for a Premier protection plan for my audio/video equipment through Direct TV, they have offered to replace it with one of three choices. The display is in a master bedroom where the 54" is actually a little overwhelming for...
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    Recommend, Looking for Receiver $1000 +/- And all the new cool things.

    I just got the 3400 and it will support those requirements well and offers the best sonic reproduction I've ever had, and I've had some very good receivers in the past. You can't go wrong!
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    Which AV Receiver?

    Just want to report that I did get the new Denon 3400. Although I was a little apprehensive about the setup process, I don't think Denon could have made it any easier and complete with the new mic and onscreen setup that they provide now. It seems like they've gone from the most difficult to...
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    Which AV Receiver?

    I agree in that respect, Wayne. Also, the Integra was not quite as user friendly in my opinion either. I've read that the Denon is a good unit to consider and has maybe the best user setup. Do you have any opinions about the Denon?
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    Which AV Receiver?

    Hi everyone, I used to be on this forum years ago but got away with other responsibilities and interests. Recently, my Integra AV receiver (DTR50.2) quit putting out sound from any input. Fortunately, I have insurance from DirectTV to cover audio/video or PC components that malfunction. They...